Hello My Name Is Maggie Zine + Udemy Coupon!

This zine is the first collaboration between myself and my daughter Maggie, incorporating her unique writing style and images I shot of our adventures around the world!  It’s one of those rare things I made that seems to have connected to an audience outside of fans of particular models.

For more zine ideas, check out this video I made on Photo Zines…

and learn how to make your first zine on your own with this coupon for my Udemy course on the topic!





“Dusk” zines 1-3 – model photography meets graphic design in troubled times


I had been wanting to do a graphic design-themed zine for a long while (having access to a fairly nice color copier at my work) and by the time Phoenix Zine Fest rolled around fall of 2017, I had enough material to make 3 issues.  Models include my daughter Maggie, Alina Lee aka Thumbelina, McKenzie Eckels, Ana Corbí, and many many more of my favorite people.
Graphic design school was my first education after high school and anything pushing design or altered photography I’m there for.  It is so much fun to take an image and push it to new levels.  


Anyone interested in actually owning a zine can order one on my shop.  Each are approximately 6×8″ with card stock cover, hand stitched binding, 20 pages of design and writing and a 16 track CD of original ambient/ trip hop music I made.


I have an explainer video of why you may want to make a zine of your own on my YouTube!  Feel free to contribute to the list of complaining comments about how the music is too loud in this particular video.