Instax Model Shoots #9 – McKenzie Eckels Returns

More work shot with actress and model McKenzie Eckels, 3 days into my use of the Instax Wide 300 camera and 1 day before it broke the first time.

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The Need For Your Creative Space

I’m sitting here in this very room- once my office when I moved into this house in 2003, then my wife’s work area when she had a home-computer job, then a guest room and the place my sister was for 8 months. In the interim I had a studio and office at the fashion building for a year (no parking, long drive, shared with other people, obligations etc.) and though I’ve tried to make my backyard workshop work as a studio/ office for the last 2 months, I have neighbors who smoke terrible smelling pot all the time and listen to shitty music in their backyard, as well as low internet connectivity.
Since reclaiming this space, we painted it white and now it’s like years have been rolled back. A window right in front of my face, shelves with toys (Legos, Simpsons, King of the Hill, Futurama to the left) and folk art I’ve collected from Mexico, Australia, Costa Rica and locally in the southwest on the right. Dogs at my feet. Whatever music I want whenever I want.
I was thinking about the circular nature of the creative process, how you find things that work for you, you get far away from them, you return to these things, you evolve and retreat and change and totally stay the same. I think I have a fairly prolific output of videos, shoots, zines, music, animation etc. which only increases when I can just walk into my studio and feel good any time of day or night rather than having to find some external place, drive, park, order a drink, etc.

Instax Model Shoots #6 – Hailey J

Featuring work I did with model Hailey J in Portland last December. I tell you about the stylistic and conceptual approaches to working with an art nude model in a dance studio. Actual uncensored instax and more at my Patreon! 

Photo Zines – How + Why To Make Them

Photo zines! Small, self published presentations of your photographic works – how and why to make them? I tell you about my experience with copy machine photo zines and Blurb trade books and show you samples of both, then get into why zines are a great option for presenting your photography in a physical way to your audience.

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DIY Soundtracks With Splice Sounds + Garageband iOS

Garageband iOS is the recording studio in my pocket at all times, and with both the internal instruments and sampled sounds I’m able to create entire soundtracks that sound like full live bands.  The main source of my samples is a service/ app called Splice, which aggregates producer packs from cutting edge electronica to live jazz, world music and classical sounds.  In this video I talk you through my process of using Splice to source my individual music samples, then I show you how I’m able to construct my Garageband iOS tracks and play along with the samples to make fully finalized soundtracks for my short films and animations.

Motion Comics at San Diego Comic Con!

San Diego Comic Con 2017! Motion Comics With Adobe Character Animator! How do these things connect? Because Adobe sent me to SDCC to present a panel on Motion Comics! Get a taste of the Primordial Creative Studios experience at Comic Con!

Here’s the trailer for The Innocence of Seduction, the film that caught Adobe’s attention:

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Fujifilm SQ10 Square Instax Road Test #2 with 7 models!

Hey out there! This is a followup to my unboxing/ road test with the new Fujifilm SQ10 Square Instax camera. I took it to LA to shoot with 7 models and address a few of your questions from the previous video. Also, we see a side-by-side comparison of an image shot with the Fuji Neo Classic 90 and the SQ10. More practice, more experience, more love for this camera despite its many quirks.