New Skillshare class up! Create Motion Comics With Adobe Character Animator


Now on my Skillshare – Create Motion Comics Pt. 2!  In this section, we’ll be using Adobe Character Animator to animate the faces and mouths of comic characters using motion capture technology.  This gives us actual fully animated talking heads with physics like swinging hair and blinking eyes, all controlled by our own facial movements and lip synced sounds.

We’ll also cover designing our Character Animator puppets in Photoshop and bringing the scene into After Effects!

If you haven’t seen Pt. 1 of “Creating Motion Comics” I highly encourage you to check it out as it establishes what motion comics are, why they are a great animation alternative, and how to put together frame animation in Photoshop.


“Scream Queens” compilation

In honor of the greatest holiday, Halloween – Scream Queens by David Miller, a summary of the series as it was when it was first exhibited. I may have to redo this since it’s expanded a lot in the year and a half since the gallery show. The music was created by me using Garageband on my iPad.

I’ll be posting individual shots from this series as well as new “Scream Queens” work for the remainder of October!  If you enjoy any of this work I encourage you to like it and share it!  For more photoworks goodness peruse my Etsy shop, follow on tumblr and twitter and instagram, and rummage around on my full site.

Photos From The Road #2: Annie’s Pool Party

Annie web size_08
model Annie Montgomery hair Laura Buenrostro mua/ fx Brittany Moody



The last shoot of my August mini-tour was based around my ace hmua team Laura Buenrostro (hair) and Brittany Moody (makeup/ fx).  Brittany runs a makeup blog with several tutorials and examples that I scoured to find a particularly special look- settling on her “decaying beauty” look.  

Annie web size_10
model Annie Montgomery hair Laura Buenrostro mua/ fx Brittany Moody

I’ve been trying to do a classical Greek statue vibe for years and my recent trip to Greece got me to a “now or never” point.  I even had a model booked for June that ended up not working out.  For my mini tour I approached a model who was a friend of a friend, and this model- Annie Montgomery- turned out to absolutely be perfect for the project.  Annie is one of those ethereal beings that create and inspire imaginative art, and every shot of her was on-point and awesome.  Even the location (Annie’s poolside apartment) turned out to be completely ideal for shooting- some images are very gothy and look straight out of a fantasy film or Depression era, and other ones by the pool are poppy and cinematic.  Here’s a few of the color versions of our shoot.


Annie web size_06
model Annie Montgomery hair Laura Buenrostro mua/ fx Brittany Moody

Scream Queens View-Master Custom Reel Set

custom reel of my Scream Queens images featuring Mosh, Anastasia Arteyeva, Glass Olive, Victoria Elle and Briana Robertson
custom reel of my Scream Queens images featuring Mosh, Anastasia Arteyeva, Glass Olive, Victoria Elle and Briana Robertson

It’s been a while since I editioned a new custom View-master set, so I made a new Scream Queens reel with Mosh, Anastasia Arteyeva, Glass Olive, Victoria Elle and Briana Robertson.  It’s one of my favorite ways to present work – this “Scream Queens” one has 6 copies in existence and comes with a custom black viewer.  For sale on Etsy.

The Girl With The Sun In Her Eyes

The Girl With The Sun In Her Eyes

David Miller Photoworks w/ model Colette Stone, wardrobe Marcel Dejure, hair Laura Buenrostro, makeup Brittany Moody

Not photoshop- a printout with holes punched in the eyes, held up to the sun and shot with a star filter.

I cannot deny I’m in one of my Beatles phases, which happens every couple years. This time I watched Yellow Submarine for the first time, and the kids loved it and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is probably their favorite track.



Earlier this year I had my Scream Queens show up in MonOrchid’s Bokey Gallery, and the large gallery hosted a printmaker who I didn’t meet.  Months later, during one of my Saturday kids’ art classes at Mesa Arts Center, I admired a printmaker in the next room who turned out to be the same guy I showed with months earlier.  His name is Jon Arvizu and it didn’t take long for the DSC_1504


Model Victoria L in a state of ROWR

Victoria L was only the third “new to me” model I’d worked with this year, and is one of those very artistically minded types with some acting skill/ a retro look that I think really work well in my kind of images.  I highly recommend her to anyone in the NYC area.  A lot of my pieces this year have been about playing with the negative space of an image- adding illustrations, having silhouetted shadow monsters, etc.- and now I’m exacto-knifing out the negative space for shapes.  This image was printed on plain paper, had the word balloon cut out, and a page from an old J.M. Dematteis Captain America comic placed underneath.  For those curious, the actual roaring is from the character Vermin.