Adobe Character Animator Advanced Techniques – Udemy course launch

With Adobe’s release of Character Animator 1.5 earlier this month, I’m pleased to announce a course covering all kinds of tips, tricks, hacks and new methods of using Character Animator in my new Udemy course “Adobe Character Animator Advanced Techniques!”

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Adobe Character Animator is a motion capture software making use of your webcam, keyboard triggers and audio input to create puppets that can be animated live.  As it’s a relatively new and growing program, there’s a lot that the novice animator can do but isn’t obvious or apparent from the control scheme. Advanced Techniques covers many of those tips and tricks, from making backgrounds travel to using video cycles to having emotive eyes with clipping masks and rigging an animal like a horse.

$10.99 course launch coupon is here!


Learning Lightroom – A Skillshare Class Series

I’ve taught photo editing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for many years in person, and put small, specialized lessons online, but I recently had the drive and time to put together a comprehensive series of Lightroom lessons.  In this Skillshare series “Learning Lightroom” we tackle the modules one by one, breaking down all the features and explaining how they may be relevant to any photographer.


This particular lesson focuses on the Library module, an amazing organizational tool with its own development features and special capabilities.  At the end I show you how an experienced Lightroom user would utilize all the components in a real world scenario.

Sign up for the first part of the series, “Learning Lightroom: The Library Module”, is here!

Double Exposure Instant Film W/ The Fuji Neo Classic

Since my studio opened last month I’ve been able to film more tutorial and gear reviews – I especially enjoy harping on the beloved Fuji Instax Mini film and cameras.  Here’s two recent videos covering different aspects of the analogue style!

“Introducing Chaos – Creative Image Transfer Techniques” video course now up on Skillshare

cover for class

I joined Skillshare and put up my first class this week- “Introducing Chaos with Creative Image Transfer Techniques.” Photographers, crafters, graphic designers, it’s great for whatever pleases you. The mysterious xerox transfer, the ancient skill of transferring photos onto tiles, and a new use for rubbing alcohol besides a cheap vodka alternative. Here’s a link to get the video course for free  and if you watch it and enjoy it please pass it on!

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The Film School Playlist

I went to photography school, still owe $20,000 in student loans, so as I’ve grown in my use of video I’ve decided to forgo formal education and learn through youtube.  This playlist is my “film school”, covering tech stuff like frame rates, creative software tutorials like After Effects, and advice on marketing, budgeting, working well with others.  It’s an ongoing list of great resources that I invite any burgeoning filmmakers to like, share or subscribe to.