Fujifilm Square SQ10 Unboxing/ Review/ Samples!

Fuji’s latest instant film camera, the Square SQ10, gets unboxed and road tested in a shoot with model Alina Lee aka Thumbelina in a pool and a jail. We show how the hybrid digital/ analogue camera works, see sample images, showcase the unique features of the camera, go over the pros and cons of the camera, and do our best to answer all your burning questions about the Fujifilm SQ10!


Americana Swimwear in Seattle

Americana Swimwear in Seattle

Happy 4th of July!

Whenever I do submissions, I dig around what I have, what I’ve been working on, old stuff that I can crowbar into new series. Here’s one I found from 2011 I think, model is Laura Jean Marie in Seattle. Really good model and we came across this Americana village shop area that matched the Bonsoir Bella swimsuit top. I think Aly Fugit did the makeup. Not an image that’s gonna make it in any art show or print but a shot I like, it has a nice feel.

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