Q+A short film trailer

Hey out there!  I’m so happy to present the trailer for the latest short film forthcoming from Primordial Creative studios!  Featuring amazing voice acting from @ohthumbelina​ and featuring Bethany Brown and Peter Bugg in a jazzy office drama told in surreal stop motion animated form.

This was created through extensive use of Adobe Character Animator and Photoshop – check out my Udemy course showing how to incorporate photographs with motion capture animation!

Let me know what you think in the comments and if you’re so inclined, help support the making of quirky films like these at our Patreon!


The Start of Stop Motion

My first foray into stop motion (discounting all those Lego movies I made with my kids).  I love the technique, going back to my childhood watching Ray Harryhausen films and Mr. Bill.

There are several apps that make it very easy to do a stop motion video with your phone or tablet, but the key is having a bracket on a tripod that can keep your device in a fixed location.  I made such a bracket using a versatile plastic called Instamorph.  It comes in a jar of small beads that you heat up in hot water, and can shape into whatever format you can do in 4 minutes, after which it needs to be re-boiled to keep shaping.  We inserted a $3 tripod nut and- voila- a DIY bracket.  Probably not what you’d want in a hurricane but it’s stable enough to do studio/ at home behind-the-scenes type stop motion videos.

2013-08-09 17.27.16
my instamorph iPad bracket

The final touch of the music is the easy part, since I create multiple tracks during any given week when I’m not doing other stuff.  I fully intend on having a stop motion video for most shoots, whether it’s an art piece in itself or a behind the scenes thingie, it’s a wonderful ancillary tool.