Hello My Name Is Maggie Zine + Udemy Coupon!

This zine is the first collaboration between myself and my daughter Maggie, incorporating her unique writing style and images I shot of our adventures around the world!  It’s one of those rare things I made that seems to have connected to an audience outside of fans of particular models.

For more zine ideas, check out this video I made on Photo Zines…

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The Need For Your Creative Space

I’m sitting here in this very room- once my office when I moved into this house in 2003, then my wife’s work area when she had a home-computer job, then a guest room and the place my sister was for 8 months. In the interim I had a studio and office at the fashion building for a year (no parking, long drive, shared with other people, obligations etc.) and though I’ve tried to make my backyard workshop work as a studio/ office for the last 2 months, I have neighbors who smoke terrible smelling pot all the time and listen to shitty music in their backyard, as well as low internet connectivity.
Since reclaiming this space, we painted it white and now it’s like years have been rolled back. A window right in front of my face, shelves with toys (Legos, Simpsons, King of the Hill, Futurama to the left) and folk art I’ve collected from Mexico, Australia, Costa Rica and locally in the southwest on the right. Dogs at my feet. Whatever music I want whenever I want.
I was thinking about the circular nature of the creative process, how you find things that work for you, you get far away from them, you return to these things, you evolve and retreat and change and totally stay the same. I think I have a fairly prolific output of videos, shoots, zines, music, animation etc. which only increases when I can just walk into my studio and feel good any time of day or night rather than having to find some external place, drive, park, order a drink, etc.

Experimental Instant Film Photography + The Polaroid Years

Let me tell you all about my favorite instant film book, “The Polaroid Years”, and how I draw inspiration from crazy, wild art photography contained within!  If you’re interested in creating strange and amazing art pieces with your instant film camera of choice, get out your notepad and take some notes!

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The Business of Being An Indie Artist – a Udemy course, launching today with a special coupon

I’m proud to announce a new course on my Udemy channel, The Business of Being an Indie Artist!

Independent artists are often left to their own devices when it comes to management of their income streams and business choices, and without some guidance, they may find themselves twisting in the wind.

In my 20 years as an artist I’ve presented/ sold/ exhibited my own craft, been a hired freelancer for others, and worked in arts administration/ education/ retail/ exhibition spaces.  I have found ways to survive and live a comfortable life for my family as an independent artist, and wanted to make a course that could help others along their path.  I know exactly what it is like to leave art school and think “what now?”, having paid student loans to learn a trade that has no apparent career path.

Fortunately, we live in a time where an individual, independent artist can be in touch with a worldwide audience, apply for support from a network of artist grants and residencies, have access to public studio spaces or create worlds entirely from their own home digital tools – we cover these options and more for the independent artist in this course.

The course sale is only $9.99 with this Udemy coupon for the next 48 hours!

Photo Zines – How + Why To Make Them

Photo zines! Small, self published presentations of your photographic works – how and why to make them? I tell you about my experience with copy machine photo zines and Blurb trade books and show you samples of both, then get into why zines are a great option for presenting your photography in a physical way to your audience.

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Kelly + The Lego Shoot

Kelly Eden + The Lego Shoot – let me tell you all about my attempts to make Lego clothes out of Lego Friends pieces for a photoshoot with model Kelly Eden!  Kelly is a model known for a very particular vibe/ color scheme, and this was definitely a shoot where I played off of a model’s pre-existing style rather than building it from the ground up.  It’s also an opportunity to make use of all the Lego Friends Legos my daughter had laying around.

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Quick Cuts In Photoshop Mix App

Quick Cuts In Adobe Photoshop Mix!  I use this app on my iPhone to quickly select and mask out objects whenever I’m away from home, taking care of a lot of the drudge work that actually takes longer on my desktop Photoshop.  Here I show you how I get parts of action figures and animals for my animations using Adobe Photoshop Mix.

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