Photographing Models: A Beginner’s Guide – Udemy Course Trailer

Creative portraits, fashion showcases, artistic bodyscapes- these are but a few of the interpretations people take with model photography.  Working with talented professional women and men to achieve artistic goals goes back centuries, but a lot of people are confused about the ins and outs of the modern model photography environment.  Where do you find models, what do you say, how do you compensate them?  In this course we aim to demystify Model Photography.  Check it out with this 9.99 Udemy coupon and see you in class!

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Instax Model Shoots #6 – Hailey J

Featuring work I did with model Hailey J in Portland last December. I tell you about the stylistic and conceptual approaches to working with an art nude model in a dance studio. Actual uncensored instax and more at my Patreon! 

How To Delete Synced Images in Both Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic

When Adobe rolled out Lightroom CC in late 2017, it created a swath of confusion- where exactly are your images when you run both LR CC and Lightroom Classic, and how do you clean out your Creative Cloud without deleting your images in every library and every drive? Here’s a quick tip on how to do just that!

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Surreal Portrait Lighting From Holiday Clearance!

It’s the end of the most magical time of the year- also the time when you can pick up cool and funky LED holiday lighting to use in your own creative photo and video shoots! I show you some psychedelic samples of my own work using Christmas lasers, as well as other surreal lighting classics from James Bond to Frank Ockenfels 3 and Dan Winters.

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Documentary Portraits, 20 Years Later

Hello out there! This time I’m showing you some of my earliest work- portraits I took while working in developmentally disabled group homes circa 1998-1999. It was my early college years and I was full of social crusading juice. These were all shot with the blessing of the clients and their families, and I describe what I’ve learned in years since about what makes a good documentary portrait project. I also show you some of my recent work with my daughter Magdalena.

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Finding Your Photographic Vision #1: Heroes

In light of the massive number of gear reviews and how-tos on YouTube, I felt like making a short vlog focusing on developing a personal vision.  In Part 1, I tell you about some of my own photographic heroes – Sebastio Salgado and Ralph Eugene Meatyard- and how they influenced some of my own work.

New Skillshare Tutorial Up on Creative Portrait Photography!


I’ve just posted a new Skillshare on my favorite genre of photography – the Creative Portrait.  Photography has been my primary teaching focus for a decade and I truly feel the conceptual part of how to put together a shoot is overlooked.  Technical proficiency is important, but so are finding subjects, designing an approach to shooting them, using styling properly, etc. so I wrote an e-book about this last year and now have this Skillshare version of the book up!  The next 10 signups are free- no need to be a Skillshare member- after that, it’s behind the premium paywall.