Lightroom Skillshare Classes

Entering my second year as a Skillshare teacher, I’ve been preparing several new photo/ video editing classes- until those go out, I wanted to let any interested people know my previous Lightroom-focused classes are still available on my channel!

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Retouching Portraits With Adobe Photoshop + Lightroom

In any portrait photography, it’s a give that there will be some facial retouching to make your subjects look their best.  We cover the basics of both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for retouching skin, enhancing eyes, color correction and more!  Sign up is here!


How To Use Adobe Lightroom For Video

Lightroom is generally thought of as a still photography program but here are a few neat tricks you can do, especially if you are just starting to work with videos, need to capture stills from your videos, or want to keep a consistent style between your existing photographic library and your video work.  You’ll be able to have unique looking footage that you can piece together in your video editor such as Adobe Premiere or iMovie.

Sign up for this class is here!


Speed Up Your Workflow In Adobe Lightroom

In this class I’ll show how to speed up your editing process in Adobe Lightroom, taking your workflow time from hours down to mere minutes.  We cover syncing and auto syncing your actions, creating your own preset filters and brushes, effectively utilizing virtual copies and collections, and more.  Sign up is over here!

See you in class!



Free Skillshare Coupons For Adobe Classes!

In honor of my favorite haunted holiday, I’ve made a bunch of free enrollment coupons for the Adobe courses on my Skillshare channel.  This lets people who are not Skillshare members be able to view the course without registering or paying even the .99 trial membership.

There are around 5 free enrollments each at the time of this writing!  Click the course title to claim the free coupon.

Speed Up Your Workflow in Adobe Lightroom


How To Use Adobe Lightroom For Video


Bring Out the Details In Your Photos with Tone Mapping in Adobe Photoshop


Get Surreal In Adobe Premiere

get surreal in adobe premiere

Happy Halloween!

Retouching Faces in Adobe Photoshop + Lightroom – a Skillshare class

This week’s addition to my Skillshare tutorial channel is Retouching Portraits in Photoshop and Lightroom.  It’s easily the most requested topic I get for the classes I teach in person.

In any portrait photography, it’s a give that there will be some facial retouching to make your subjects look their best. This Skillshare course cover the basics of both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for retouching skin, enhancing eyes, color correction and more!

Click here for the full class!

New Skillshare Creative Tutorials Posted!

I’ve just added 2 new tutorials to my Skillshare tutorial channel:

Build Your Creative Cloud Asset Library With Adobe Capture CC


Create A Caricature In Clay Without A Studio

Skillshare is my favorite venue to post tutorials and view them as well.  Virtually everything I learned about Adobe Illustrator and After Effects and animation has come from Skillshare.  I’m finding it’s a positive community full of bite-sized projects rather than the quite random youtube tutorials that may explain a technique but fail to put it into practice.

Any suggestions for what I should do a tutorial on next?


New Photography + Video Tutorials Up On Skillshare

Just popping in for a brief blog revival to mention I’ve been posting photography/ video editing tutorials on Skillshare, one of those neat online learning sites.

My current classes are “Get Surreal In Adobe Premiere”, “Capturing the Great Outdoors: Nature Photography For Beginners” and “Introducing Chaos: Creative Image Transfer”.

get surreal in adobe premiere

I tried both Skillshare and and ended up going with Skillshare since they have specific project oriented tutorials that suited my interests in motion graphics, graphic design, business, etc.  If something like Skillshare existed when I was in college I could have saved $20,000 in student loans, but c’est la vie!


Location: Bedrock City Panos

Flagstaff May 2015 trip (436 of 894)-Pano

Easily one of the strangest places I’ve ever been is Bedrock City, 30 miles south of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  It’s a relic from 1972, when the Flintstones were still in the public consciousness.  Flagstaff May 2015 trip (478 of 894)-Pano

These interior recreations of the Flintstones cartoon are within individual “houses” in a multi-acre area.  There’s a few playground pieces- a dinosaur slide, regular swing set.  There’s also a very wonderfully creepy theatre that projects old Flintstones episodes.Flagstaff May 2015 trip (637 of 894)-Pano

One of the things that really stood out was the effort and dedication to create such a thing.  It makes me wonder what modern pop phenomenon could inspire such a “city” attraction, and how it’ll be looked at decades after the phenomenon fades.Flagstaff May 2015 trip (411 of 894)-Pano

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How to use Tone Mapping in Model Photography

This video explores judicious use of HDR and Tone Mapping in model photography. I share my preferred method of tone mapping with an image I shot of model Aurora O’brien, and how to avoid exaggerated textures on human skin.

I teach workshops in photography and visual art at several Phoenix-area recreation and art center programs, and I love teaching photography so freakin’ much I’m recording tutorials of some of my techniques.  The goal is one tutorial a week so feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel or this blog for more virtual lessons!