The Sound Design of “Interference” and “Lady of the Lake”

My first set of videos in 2014 were to existing music tracks I made in 2013.  The early 2015 videos were set to soundtracks more ambient in nature that I made concurrently to the videos, and assembled as the album Waveforms in Exile.  Having released that album, I have a different approach to the sound of my newer videos which is more music concrete.

The sound design of “Interference” with Cacia Zoo began started with a sample of her saying her name, and remembering the hilarious Chris Lilley rap “Animal Zoo”;  it was super chaotic mashing those up, but it felt like there should be a clash between soft, meditative sounds and the constant barrage of noise and interruption I think most of us have to deal with when we try to be clear.  The “bells” of the ambient parts were recorded last Sunday when I took my kids to the Mesa Idea Museum and found out they no longer have free Sundays, so we stood around and played the xylophones outside- sounds that ended up in this video about an hour later.

Glass Olive’s sounds for “Lady of the Lake” were 100% generated by her, and manipulated by me using a program called Paul Stretch.  I wanted something as ethereal and organic as possible to match the stripped down, ghostly scenarios in the video.  Glass Olive made up these sounds spontaneously while in the hallway of a Brooklyn photo studio, and recorded them onto my iPad while I was busy.

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