The Making of Road Rage with Kaila Stone

Let me tell you how I did rear projection in this indie film project with model Kaila Stone and stylist/ mua Lux Tango, shot in my studio in Tempe Arizona! We took huge influence from James Bond, Danger Diabolik and the amazing Danger 5 tv show.

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New Work W Jenny Strebe!

Jenny Strebe + Hailey (172 of 399)

Hope everyone is enjoying Halloween, the fall, Thor Ragnarok, the Mueller indictments etc.  It has been over 3 months since I’ve done any kind of creative shooting, though I’ve had plenty to make with all the stuff shot earlier this year and animation projects and tutorials, there’s something about shooting new work that really gives me an energy boost towards all those other things.  Like, I can’t finish old work unless I’m making new work at the same time, if that makes sense.

This week I have 4 shoots and the first was yesterday, working with a local hairstylist Jenny Strebe.  I collaborated a bunch with Jenny 6 years ago, then at a certain point she wanted to start a hair blog called “The Confessions of a Hairstylist” and I pointed her towards other photographers who were more suited towards clean fashion stuff.  Fast forward and Jenny’s blog/ YouTube/ IG etc. has a following of 500,000 people and she’s been on tv shows and sponsored tours etc.  It’s pretty insane but awesome that we still kept in touch and got to bust out some cool video work yesterday at her studio in Scottsdale!

The model we used is a local named Haley, or @halhaus on IG, and this was 1/2way through the process of a color/ cut.  Videos should be done before I leave for LA and Costa Rica.  The look of this is accented through the use of a ring light, which Jenny had and I have never used outside of a couple failures in 2010.  You can guarantee the ring light is on my X Mas list though!

Kelly + The Lego Shoot

Kelly Eden + The Lego Shoot – let me tell you all about my attempts to make Lego clothes out of Lego Friends pieces for a photoshoot with model Kelly Eden!  Kelly is a model known for a very particular vibe/ color scheme, and this was definitely a shoot where I played off of a model’s pre-existing style rather than building it from the ground up.  It’s also an opportunity to make use of all the Lego Friends Legos my daughter had laying around.

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Spectrum – new video art w Shasta Wonder

Spectrum is video art created with model Shasta Wonder in Los Angeles, Feb 2017.  Filmed on my Fuji X-T2 and edited in Adobe After Effects.

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Ana Corbi – Gothic Romantic

Ana Corbi is a Spanish actress and model I have been fortunate enough to shoot with a couple times this year.  Our last shoot was during the San Diego Comic Con when I decided to drive up to LA rather than mess around with the crowds 5 days in a row.

Ana had just returned from Europe and I texted her at noon to see if she was available for a 4pm shoot.  It turned out to be one of the most fruitful shoots I’ve done this year, even if it was totally spontaneous- we got three looks in and make a short film, “Años Azul”, which will be released towards the end of September.  It all comes down to photographer and model being on the same page, where the vision is pretty unified so there isn’t a lot of time being wasted and we can just jump into being creative.

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Design + the dancer

I wanted to post a few recent images I did with dancer/ stuntwoman Alana Schoen in LA.  Probably my favorite styling to work with is a black turtleneck and leggings; I’ve done it many times with many different models and it always comes out with a super clean design that appeals to me.  Alana (228 of 513)-Edit

All images shot with th eFuji X-T2, 35mm lens, LED lighting.Alana (233 of 513)-EditAlana (1 of 9)

Alana (510 of 513)

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