Annika White – this week on Patreon

Annika Brooklyn Grain (6 of 11)

This week’s Patreon set features Annika White, a great new model I met last month in Brooklyn.  Hair is by my good friend Andy Tseng.  I got so much good stuff with Annika I decided to split it up by color, outfit, instant film and digital.  This week’s set is the color work and it’s available to patrons at the $1 level!  Higher level patrons get access to uncensored 18+ work, all my tutorials and instax delivered to their house monthly!



Instax Model Shoots #12: Sky

Check out some recent instax wide work with Northern California model Sky, and hear from the model herself about model wardrobe styling. All images shot with my recently purchased Lomo’Instax Wide.

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Instax Model Shoots #11: Shoshana

Check out this video using some of the stranger effects on my Lomo’Instant Wide camera and the truly unique Seattle model Shoshana!

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Lomo’Instant Wide Roadtest + Review

The best way to test a camera is road testing it in some exotic landscape with a crazy model, and that’s what exactly what I did to put my new Lomo’Instant Wide camera through its paces!  We head to White Sands, New Mexico and see the ups + downs of this camera vs. other instant cameras in my collection.

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Art Model Instax Sale!


Primordial Creative Goes To NYC/ Hawaii

Instax Mini/ Wide/ Square Sale!  This is only a tiny fraction of what I am selling- more instax will be posted in the days to come.

$10 each

6 for $50

10 for $75

free shipping on instax in US ($10 international)

8×12 prints $5 US shipping on first print ($15 international)

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Model list:

Maggie (my daughter)

Kacie Marie

Cacia Zoo

Hailey J




McKenzie Eckels

Ana Corbi


Lauren Ashley

Glass Olive

Sierra McKenzie

Kate Eff

Sky K Blue


Kelly Eden

Shasta Wonder

Alana Schoen

Corie Shannon

Annie Montgomery

Brooke Eva

Hattie Watson

Alysha Nett

Julia Fae


Erin Holmes

Trish Davis

L. Shima

Janette Adriana

Kaila Stone

Ariel Rhinofeeder

Anastasia Arteyeva

Victoria Elle


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Instax Model Shoots #9 – McKenzie Eckels Returns

More work shot with actress and model McKenzie Eckels, 3 days into my use of the Instax Wide 300 camera and 1 day before it broke the first time.

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“Come Wander With Me” with McKenzie Eckels

Most of the models I work with are also talented actresses and singers- McKenzie Eckels absolutely excels at these (as well as being an amazing drawer and painter).  This collaboration was made as a tribute to her favorite Twilight Zone episode, “Come Wander With Me”.  The AMAZING singing is all McKenzie.  Let us know what you think!