Sierra McKenzie – Seattle Model Video

Sierra McKenzie is a model I’ve shot with countless times, also creating little videos and even some music with.  Apologies on the audio, that will be improved in all future videos.  This is a bit of compilation of our work-iIf you enjoy any of this work I encourage you to like and share it!  For more photoworks goodness peruse my Etsy shop, follow on tumblr and twitter and instagram, and rummage around on my full site.



Sierra in Seattle

This is a compilation of sorts, video + photos + interview audio + music audio I’ve all done with Seattle model Sierra McKenzie.  If you enjoy any of this work I encourage you to like and share it!  For more photoworks goodness peruse my Etsy shop, follow on tumblr and twitter and instagram, and rummage around on my full site.

Rasterbated Mosh

Rasterbated Mosh

In the mid 2000s a program came out called the Rasterbator. It converted images to large dots that could be spread across dozens of pieces of paper, basically elaborate halftoning. I remember JPG Magazine in its physical existence running a contest to “show us your rasterbated photos!” Anywho, around a year ago I created a few rasterbated prints with the intention of making street art out of them, but I never got further than this nude of model Mosh which was originally shot August 2012.

“The Best of the Best… Only Sell A Print or Two In A Month…”

Since freelance modeling has no set workplace rules, like working at Target or whatever, there’s always circular/annoying/pointless debate on forums and social media about how this stuff should work.

My friend Sierra runs a tumblr freelancemodels, and an Anonymous posted:

While I agree that professionals should get paid for their time. I think there’s an overestimation just how much money most photographer’s can make from a shoot. Even the best of the best in this “industry” only sell a print or two a month. The vast majority can barely give a print away, even if their work is strong. Commercial rights can only be sold if a model signs a release, but who are they going to sell the images to? There’s not many people/companies buying these days.

And Sierra responds here.  I added:

Reblogging just to add commentary- the line “best of the best… only sell a print or two a month” is so outlandishly ridiculous, as no one is really aware of anyone else’s finances, but consider these factors:

1. intelligent people who

2. are willing to market themselves a lot and in the correct manner

3. through various channels, both online and in the real world

4. and most of all have perseverance

5. and can build a fan base

6. have a market and can make money off their images.

Maybe it’s a print, maybe it’s a contest or paid publication, , maybe it’s just advertising… probably 75% of my tumblr followers have followed me due to the times I shot with Mosh.

If you put no thought to the end usage of the photos, or how to make the shoot pay for itself, and then cry that these things are too expensive, it’s not the model’s fault.

Other types of photographers spend thousands of dollars traveling to exotic landscapes, or setting up intricate food shots, or paying entry fees to zoos and so forth.  Or they spend $0 shooting instagram selfies.  Being interesting and putting interesting things in front of the lens costs money.

If your photos are unique and appealing to a model, they may work within a budget or do trade or cut a deal, especially if you have other things to barter, like tearsheets or lodging or plane tickets.  If you are mediocre or don’t have anything they want or need then of course it’s for money, and that should be perfectly fine.

I admit prints (or any paper goods) aren’t worth what they used to be in a pre-ipad world, but this is where you have to think harder.  Make unique things that are collectible, cannot be replicated as an experience.  I was amazed to find people wanting my Instax, which I considered castoffs.  Now I shoot instax alongside the “main” stuff and those have been getting snapped up pretty quick„, the last guy who bought from me was a screenwriter and used them for inspiration.

There are unique printing methods that make photos cooler than just plain inkjet shit.  Mettalic ink, shrinky dink, on tile or wood, as viewmaster, with a light in the back, on fine art rag paper, as alternative process images.

If Anon is so familiar with the “best of the best” then he/ she may know that they also diversify their income by repping for companies, doing speaking engagements, lessons/ workshops, retouching the work of others, whatever it takes.  It’s creative hustling with as much imagination put into the business side as the image making side.

“Facets” Photo Remix Contest


The model in the images is Victoria Lee, and these images are to be folded into a series of lenticular prints (the prints that change when you walk past them, or move the images side to side- the above gif is an internet approximation).  These lenticular images will have the 3 original photos I take, plus the best REMIX photo done by whoever, wherever.  I plan on doing at least 10 people this way over the next year- Victoria here is just the start.

facets London

I have original files for these images here for download.  Choose any one of the photos for remixing!

The rules are:

1. no cropping, changing the aspect ratio or size- these photos should transition smoothly

2. edits should be sent back to me at as full size tiff files, using a service like “we transfer”

3. I judge by creativity so just changing contrast or making something black and white is not going to win

4. All entries are due by Dec. 7th, 2013.  That’s one month to make something cool!

And that is it for the rules…

The prize will be my Polaroid SX-70 camera, usable with the Impossible Film Project film. 

facets yellow



Instax Blowout

behind the scenes

I’m putting a number of fuji instax/ polaroids up over at etsy, all of models from the last 3 years.  I am actually more excited about shooting analogue instax images than I ever have been, thanks in part to this awesome polaroid book which opened my eyes to the creativity possible when you start slashing and painting and putting the images in different contexts.  As I mentioned though, I have 3 years worth of instax that need to sell to pay for future photoworks/ feed the family. bridget_04 lacheln death_02 mosh swim

MM Foto Friends

As one photographs, one learns to appreciate the like-minded photography of others. Let’s go ahead and call those people our “peers.” Photographers who shoot models and share some tastes end up shooting a lot of the same models, even if they are in different states or countries, and sometimes that is how I end up getting to know them. In other cases I literally meet them first, then find out they are so-and-so photographer. Or we meet via chat room, or other social network. Regardless I felt like doing my “hiphop album shoutout” to the peeps making interesting images with models, and recommending these extraordinarily talented guys and gals to everyone:

Travis Haight
Nina Pak
Neil Snape
Matt Anderson
Jim Fury Hesterman
Jesse Paulk
Bitty Fotos
Martin Hazine
Sideshow Sito
Alien Life