New Photography + Video Tutorials Up On Skillshare

Just popping in for a brief blog revival to mention I’ve been posting photography/ video editing tutorials on Skillshare, one of those neat online learning sites.

My current classes are “Get Surreal In Adobe Premiere”, “Capturing the Great Outdoors: Nature Photography For Beginners” and “Introducing Chaos: Creative Image Transfer”.

get surreal in adobe premiere

I tried both Skillshare and and ended up going with Skillshare since they have specific project oriented tutorials that suited my interests in motion graphics, graphic design, business, etc.  If something like Skillshare existed when I was in college I could have saved $20,000 in student loans, but c’est la vie!



Lizzie + Tax

lizzie taxes 1

This was an accidental printing on tax instructions of model Lizzie Gunst, but it got pretty good feedback after making the rounds on my social media, so now it’s part of the portfolio.  It’s far better than what I planned on doing to the printout.

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Clearance Sale at DMP Etsy Shop

2015-01-25 18.41.21With February coming and lots of different kinds of art being produced around the house, I had to take a hard look at my Etsy shop and whittle down my current inventory of photographic art and sculpture.

With that in mind, I’ve got a clearance sale running on my Etsy shop – many sculptural masks and large photographic prints, sized 11×17″ and 20×30″ (just shy of 2ft x 3ft).  Have a rummage!


Jigsaw Kelly – How It Got Made

“Jigsaw Kelly” is a recent piece I made that blends two puzzles together based on photos I took with model Kelly Eden, mua Brittany Moody and hair stylist Laura Buenrostro. Two convenient Egyptian hairless cats were prominently featured. I have to admit when I shot this I had no idea if it would work, but the company I made the puzzles with- Shutterfly- had an online preview of the puzzles that showed how the “cut” remained the same on both images.

The assemblage of the individual puzzles took about 4 hours, with the second one being much easier because I could overlay segments. The final gestalt puzzle was more difficult because the many of the cuts weren’t exactly the same- so pieces that looked like they should fit wouldn’t- and also because it required careful removal of individual pieces from the interior of the finished puzzles.

Mixed Media Photographic Xerox Transfers- Workshop Preview

sierra mixed media

I made a lot of these pieces in April of this year and am only catching up on the posting.  Top is a xerox transfer of model Sierra McKenzie shot 3 years ago, and the bottom is Mosh from 2 years ago.  The finishes are watercolor and colored pencil; I’m teaching this whole process as a workshop at a local Tempe chain store, Jerry’s Artarama, later this week.  These two original pieces, and others, are for sale on my Etsy.Mosh Mixed Media

The Colorful Death

DSCF0037In my recent experiments with mixed media I used xerox transfer of my photos onto Ampersand clayboard, blocked off parts and used drip watercolor on the other areas.  I did a few new pieces that Lacheln and I shot specifically for this, but I also dug deep into the archive to find images that could use a sprucing up.  This came from our “Death/ Siouxsie Sioux” shoot in 2012, which was largely black and white.

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New Photoworks On Etsy

Spring cleaning has led to ton of art going up on Etsy, some very new and some very old.

untitled-129 untitled-125 untitled-130 car radio thief

For more photoworks goodness peruse my Etsy shop,  become a patron at Patreon, follow on tumblr and twitter and instagram, and rummage around on my full site