“Scream Queens” compilation

In honor of the greatest holiday, Halloween – Scream Queens by David Miller, a summary of the series as it was when it was first exhibited. I may have to redo this since it’s expanded a lot in the year and a half since the gallery show. The music was created by me using Garageband on my iPad.

I’ll be posting individual shots from this series as well as new “Scream Queens” work for the remainder of October!  If you enjoy any of this work I encourage you to like it and share it!  For more photoworks goodness peruse my Etsy shop, follow on tumblr and twitter and instagram, and rummage around on my full site.


Mixed Media Photographic Xerox Transfers- Workshop Preview

sierra mixed media

I made a lot of these pieces in April of this year and am only catching up on the posting.  Top is a xerox transfer of model Sierra McKenzie shot 3 years ago, and the bottom is Mosh from 2 years ago.  The finishes are watercolor and colored pencil; I’m teaching this whole process as a workshop at a local Tempe chain store, Jerry’s Artarama, later this week.  These two original pieces, and others, are for sale on my Etsy.Mosh Mixed Media

10 Photoworks Added to Etsy

I’ve added 10 new prints to my Etsy store, 7 of the 10 being from 2014 shoots (somewhat censored here but uncensored on the Etsy page).  So far I haven’t been making editions of images, which keeps the cost down and makes the prints available to anyone who wants to buy them.  Models are Lauren Ashley, Mosh, Ammalynn, Aurora O’Brien, and Victoria Lee.

2014-06-13 05.57.12

Scream Queens View-Master Custom Reel Set

custom reel of my Scream Queens images featuring Mosh, Anastasia Arteyeva, Glass Olive, Victoria Elle and Briana Robertson
custom reel of my Scream Queens images featuring Mosh, Anastasia Arteyeva, Glass Olive, Victoria Elle and Briana Robertson

It’s been a while since I editioned a new custom View-master set, so I made a new Scream Queens reel with Mosh, Anastasia Arteyeva, Glass Olive, Victoria Elle and Briana Robertson.  It’s one of my favorite ways to present work – this “Scream Queens” one has 6 copies in existence and comes with a custom black viewer.  For sale on Etsy.



Earlier this year I had my Scream Queens show up in MonOrchid’s Bokey Gallery, and the large gallery hosted a printmaker who I didn’t meet.  Months later, during one of my Saturday kids’ art classes at Mesa Arts Center, I admired a printmaker in the next room who turned out to be the same guy I showed with months earlier.  His name is Jon Arvizu and it didn’t take long for the DSC_1504

Interview: Digital Photo Pro (2012)

This is an interview I did for Digital Photo Pro Magazine in 2012, as a photo of Mosh is a finalist for their “The Face” contest.  It ended up as a #4 finalist, meaning I got published in the magazine and subsequent book but didn’t win any of the prizes.


How long have you been shooting photos of people/portraits?

Since 1999.

Why do you like to shoot photos of people/portraits?

I think there are less limitations to the imagination when one is working with another adult human being, as opposed to shooting landscapes or wildlife etc.  There’s also a level of excitement and engagement you get from a human subject that feeds back into the shoot.

What’s the toughest situation you’ve faced when shooting a photo of people/portraits and how did you overcome it?

Probably the most difficult shoot involved taking a bunch of equipment on a rooftop in downtown LA to photograph a nude model body painted like a beetle.  It was 2 AM and there were helicopters everywhere, and of course we were by a billboard with bright hot lights going.  The extension cord had to be snaked through a kitchen window on the floor below.  Every time I heard a helicopter I had to cut the power to the lights.  We shot that in maybe 20 minutes after 6 hours of body painting.  All the equipment went up and down this small, scary fire escape ladder, and the model was freezing, but it was a ton of fun.

What’s the best advice you’ve received from a teacher, mentor or colleague for people/portrait photography?

I had a teacher at ASU, Carol Panaro-Smith, who encouraged the students to make unique, individual pieces.  That wasn’t exclusive to people photography but it’s how I approach my shoots, individual portraits unique to the scenario and the person rather than a series.  I use Jay Maisel and Brooks Jensen as a “vitural mentors,” because I’ve never met them but I voraciously absorb their interviews/ podcasts.  What both have in common is they lead photographic lives, always taking their cameras around, being open to everything, working as minimally as possible.  Jay says “the more crap you carry around the less pictures you take.”

What’s the story behind this photo? 

This was a fashion shoot for a clothes designer, Vital Vein Fashion.  We were going to emphasize the red in the latex so the model, Mosh, brought along a wig that had a red streak in it- she emphasized it was quality because it came from an “authentic transvestite.”  The studio was pretty spare so I asked  Mosh to do different gestures within a certain amount of space with the idea that the images would be torn up and reattached.  We shot maybe 20 of these gestures.  I printed them out at home, tore them up, and taped together the half images.  The taped up print was rephotographed.

What equipment did you use (camera, lens, lighting gear, tripod)?

Nikon D700, 50mm, Profoto 7b with a beauty dish, manfrotto tripod

What do you think makes a great people/portrait photo? 

I like when the photographer’s vision, the subject’s personality, and the environment all blend together so each portrait is a unique piece.  The environment has to be simple but support whatever the subject is doing, whether it’s a natural setting or seamless backdrop.  The subject should have some identifiable emotion, and caught in a gesture, not blank or lifeless.

Whose people/portrait work do you especially admire or feel influenced by?

Sebastio Salgado, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Sally Mann, Richard Avedon, Dan Winters, W. Eugene Smith

Scream Queens – A New Cinematic Photo Series Produced By David Miller

Postcard for my upcoming solo shot at MonOrchid.

Postcard for my upcoming solo show at Phoenix’s MonOrchid.

My first legit solo show!  MonOrchid is an amazing facility full of offices for creatives, photo studios, a coffee shop and store so I’m thrilled to be showing in this nearly sentient space.  They will be screening a “scream queen” themed film later in the month to coincide with the show, and I’ve had some Viewmasters made up highlighting the images.