Maggie at the Petrified Forest/ Painted Desert

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I’ve always had a problem: I live in the Southwest- surrounded by exotic, beautiful environments like the Painted Desert- but it’s just far enough away that it’s not feasible to take a pro stylized model with me to shoot out there.  Enter my daughter Maggie, who at age 8 has been in enough of Daddy’s shoots in her lifetime to finally get styled and shot way out amongst the petrified wood.  Hair and makeup done by her mom/ my wife Vesna Miller.  We’re going to make this a routine thing- once a month- with the goal of building up a youngster to be an ultra stylized look.

All images done with Fuji X-T2 and either the 35mm 1.4 lens or 23mm 2.0 lens.


Retouching Faces in Adobe Photoshop + Lightroom – a Skillshare class

This week’s addition to my Skillshare tutorial channel is Retouching Portraits in Photoshop and Lightroom.  It’s easily the most requested topic I get for the classes I teach in person.

In any portrait photography, it’s a give that there will be some facial retouching to make your subjects look their best. This Skillshare course cover the basics of both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for retouching skin, enhancing eyes, color correction and more!

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Shots from the road: Kelly Eden #1

david miller kelly eden web size_10My first shoot in LA last month was with model/ cosplayer Kelly Eden.  Because she had a lot of videos and interviews online, as well as creating her own visual artwork, and years worth of previous photoshoots online, it was pretty easy for me to come up with ideas of what we could do.  I’ll post some of the more “conceptual” images later in October, in the meantime, here’s Kelly up close and personal!  Shot with a Fuji X-E1 and 2 Einsteins, one with softbox and one with a beauty dish.


Photos From The Road #2: Annie’s Pool Party

Annie web size_08
model Annie Montgomery hair Laura Buenrostro mua/ fx Brittany Moody



The last shoot of my August mini-tour was based around my ace hmua team Laura Buenrostro (hair) and Brittany Moody (makeup/ fx).  Brittany runs a makeup blog with several tutorials and examples that I scoured to find a particularly special look- settling on her “decaying beauty” look.  

Annie web size_10
model Annie Montgomery hair Laura Buenrostro mua/ fx Brittany Moody

I’ve been trying to do a classical Greek statue vibe for years and my recent trip to Greece got me to a “now or never” point.  I even had a model booked for June that ended up not working out.  For my mini tour I approached a model who was a friend of a friend, and this model- Annie Montgomery- turned out to absolutely be perfect for the project.  Annie is one of those ethereal beings that create and inspire imaginative art, and every shot of her was on-point and awesome.  Even the location (Annie’s poolside apartment) turned out to be completely ideal for shooting- some images are very gothy and look straight out of a fantasy film or Depression era, and other ones by the pool are poppy and cinematic.  Here’s a few of the color versions of our shoot.


Annie web size_06
model Annie Montgomery hair Laura Buenrostro mua/ fx Brittany Moody

Tool Shed Glam

Tool Shed Glam

This was shot in my tool shed with a friend, Janette, who I’ve photographed off and on over 4 years. Until now there was very little production on our shoots, but this time I really wanted to make memorable images of the level I do with full time models, LA studios with hair and makeup and bodypaint and wardrobe. The assistant here was my good friend Percolate, who did hair, makeup and wardrobe for this (and another shoot this week with model Aurora O’brien and her horse).

For a long time there was a separation between what I would call “casual shooting,” “family shooting”, and “pro model shooting,” but nowadays I want everything the same high quality level.

The Angel of Denny’s

DSC_5482Model Angel Lin, hair by Laura Buenrostro, makeup Brittany Moody.  Angel and I were shooting in a studio and got dinner at a Denny’s where I realized I hadn’t had time to shoot much with this particular makeup.  We snapped a few with this completely coincidental but convenient halo around her hair.