New Photoworks On Etsy

I’ve added a lot of new prints to the Etsy shop, as well as new one-of-a-kind instax and ceramic masks.  These particular images are all available as 8×12″ archival prints ranging from $25-$30.  The top three painted images were collaborations with artist Jamie Graden in Los Angeles…

DSC_5305 taj010  DSC_1710-Edit-2_HDR

…and these two were painted by model and artist Luxbot Lacheln, who is in the first image…


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Artificial Human – LVYRSELF

LYYRSELF and love this no-budget video I shot at Rooster Cogburn’s Ostrich Ranch between Chandler and Tucson.

The track itself is one of the more guitar-oriented Artificial Human tracks which bears signs of U2, the Verve and Curve in its DNA.  Vocals are by Luxbot Lacheln.  The phrase behind the song came from a conversation with model Glass Olive who described to me her philosophy of self acceptance.

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Artificial Human + Lacheln + Glass Olive: Play Dead

I’ve spent close to 2 years making tunes as Artificial Human with Luxbot Lacheln, and we’ve made enough quality tunes that it’s moving on to the next phase- video and performance. Because it’s generally electronic, the performance has to be more “performance art” than “live performance.” “Play Dead” is a taste of our most recent stuff (featuring Glass Olive on backing vocals):