Corie – 18+ Patreon Set

New on my Patreon – a set of black and white art nude work with Corie Shannon, shot in my former studio and at a local ruin approximately 1 year ago!  Corie recently shaved her head and I hope she comes back from Australia someday to shoot new stuff!

Corie for Patreon pt 2 (3 of 17)

This set is a combo of regular digital shots on my Fuji X-T2, instax mini shot with the Fuji Mini 90 Neo Classic, and my iPhone using hipstamatic (because everything else was dead).  Corie for Patreon pt 2 (4 of 17)

Uncensored photo sets are available at the $5 tier on Patreon, with tutorials, 18+ video art and mailed instax at the higher levels.



Instax Model Shoots #11: Shoshana

Check out this video using some of the stranger effects on my Lomo’Instant Wide camera and the truly unique Seattle model Shoshana!

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Art Model Instax Sale!


Primordial Creative Goes To NYC/ Hawaii

Instax Mini/ Wide/ Square Sale!  This is only a tiny fraction of what I am selling- more instax will be posted in the days to come.

$10 each

6 for $50

10 for $75

free shipping on instax in US ($10 international)

8×12 prints $5 US shipping on first print ($15 international)

Write me at with questions and model requests!



Model list:

Maggie (my daughter)

Kacie Marie

Cacia Zoo

Hailey J




McKenzie Eckels

Ana Corbi


Lauren Ashley

Glass Olive

Sierra McKenzie

Kate Eff

Sky K Blue


Kelly Eden

Shasta Wonder

Alana Schoen

Corie Shannon

Annie Montgomery

Brooke Eva

Hattie Watson

Alysha Nett

Julia Fae


Erin Holmes

Trish Davis

L. Shima

Janette Adriana

Kaila Stone

Ariel Rhinofeeder

Anastasia Arteyeva

Victoria Elle


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Instant Film Weekdays on Patreon

I’ve been thinking about how to grow my Patreon and some of the surveying I’ve done says people are  largely interested in the trippy instant film work I do.  I planned on doing mostly instant film work anyways during 2018- I have an animated show I’m work on, and so for sanity’s sake any still work I do needs to not involve a lot of Lightroom or Photoshop- so to that end…
brooklyngrain 39.jpg
INSTANT FILM WEEKDAYS at a $15 “Bulldog” level.  This will be a single  featured instax or polaroid shot, Monday-Friday, every week, throughout 2018 and presumably beyond.  
Saturdays are still model set releases and Sundays will be art video and/ or tutorial drops.  That means content every single day on my Patreon.  
Predicting some questions:
Do I have enough instant film work to populate this?  Hell yes I do- it’s programmed for 4 months already!  There is a ridiculous amount of work I’ve never posted anywhere.
Are they all model images?  Around 90% model images.  9% my daughter Maggie.  1% other things.
Are these just a bunch of boring nothingburgers instant film pictures of a girl and empty space?  No- I work very hard to make all my photos interesting in one way or another.  Just because you’re using instant film is no excuse to have them have zero inherent creativity.
Are you selling any of these instant film shots?  Yes, if I still have them or am not holding on to the originals for a gallery show.  I have an eBay with several instax for sale. 
Bulldogs also get weekly model sets and access to all my photography/ videography/ animation tutorials- have a gander here!

Instax Model Shoots with Lux!

Instax Model Shoots #2 featuring Lux, aka Luxbot Lacheln, Lux Tango etc. I’ve worked with Lux more than any other model since 2011 and we always have a great time shooting instant film. The camera used for all of these shots is the Fuji Instax Mini Neo Classic 90.

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Fujifilm Square SQ10 Unboxing/ Review/ Samples!

Fuji’s latest instant film camera, the Square SQ10, gets unboxed and road tested in a shoot with model Alina Lee aka Thumbelina in a pool and a jail. We show how the hybrid digital/ analogue camera works, see sample images, showcase the unique features of the camera, go over the pros and cons of the camera, and do our best to answer all your burning questions about the Fujifilm SQ10!