Primordial Creative is now on Patreon!

The last 2 months I’ve been doing a lot of my posting on Patreon.  For those unfamiliar, Patreon is where fans of creators subscribe at various reward tiers for exclusive content.  I have found it’s a good compromise for my 18+ work since Tumblr has essentially ceased functioning as an arts site and Facebook/ Instagram only allows censored material.

To give you an idea of what is actually over there, in the past month I’ve released photo sets with Cacia Zoo, Alina Lee/ Thumbelina, and a bunch of people from my previous LA trips.


FullSizeRender 23.jpg

Currently I’m doing 2 PG sets and 2 18+ sets a month, and any previous 18+ videos shot with models are only available through Patreon.  My tutorials on Skillshare and Udemy will also be available for subscribers.

Though Primordial Creative works in a variety of genres, I’ve built this Patreon around the photos and videos I’ve done with some of the best models around for the last 7 years including brand new work.  The reward tiers include:

-photosets and video art pieces, PG + uncensored, with accompanying explainer videos where I tell you how it was all made

-my tutorials that I create for teaching pay sites Skillshare and Udemy, covering the Adobe Creative Suite, video editing, animation, sound design and more.

-mailed one-of-a-kind instax and limited edition printed zines

-name in the credits of video art pieces

-PDF copies of my e-books “Capturing The Face” and “Secretly”

There’s a lot of exclusive stuff there so anyone interested in helping support the Primordial Creative cause I highly encourage you to check you my Patreon page!


Maggie without a plan

Over the years my photography has gotten more and more focused around a plan – booking studio time, working with booked models or paying clients, even basing my own family photography around trips to exotic locations in the Southwest or Alaska or Hawaii or Mexico. It has been a long time where I just went out with the camera and shot stuff without a plan.

Tonight, on a routine trip to McDonald's with the kids, the sun hit just right and my daughter Maggie's hair was just the right combination of wild and fashionable.

I feel like to get good at a creative medium, or keep up one's chops, it's important to work at it during "off" time- like an illustrator who sketches while watching tv. Shot with the Fuji X-T2 and 35mm 1.4 lens.

REmixALina Fashion Video

REmixALina is a new kind of video for me – a fashion art piece in collaboration with actress and model Alina Lee.  The music is a thing I created way back in 2014, and I’m thrilled that somehow it all gelled together.  Remix and collage culture is the largest artistic influence on me- greater than pop art and surrealism.  The title, “REmixALina” was the result of leaving the caps lock on and then paying tribute to a hidden intention.

Fashion videos are of a huge interest to me currently!  Any fashion videos anyone wants to recommend to me?



Retouching Faces in Adobe Photoshop + Lightroom – a Skillshare class

This week’s addition to my Skillshare tutorial channel is Retouching Portraits in Photoshop and Lightroom.  It’s easily the most requested topic I get for the classes I teach in person.

In any portrait photography, it’s a give that there will be some facial retouching to make your subjects look their best. This Skillshare course cover the basics of both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for retouching skin, enhancing eyes, color correction and more!

Click here for the full class!

New music video – Satyr Comma, “Anticipation Ties The Knot”

Produced in the sweltering days of August where all photoshoots take place in water.  I did this for Phoenix electronic act Satyr Comma with model Lacheln using the Fuji X-T1 for the above water stuff and my GoPro Hero Black 4 for anything underwater.  Since Jessie (singer for Satyr Comma) makes jewelry, this doubled as a fashion video for her creations.

Water Baby – underwater fashion with GoPro


While shooting at the Frank Ockenfels Palm Springs Photo Fest workshop, Frank challenged us to do things we had never tried before- stay away from our usual methods of photographing.  I realized I had always avoided using my small cameras for still work, relying on my current Fuji X-T1 and all previous incarnations of DSLR/ Mirrorless to do the heavy lifting during my shoots.  When I started using the smaller instax mini camera last year and taking the shooting seriously, the interest in that work dramatically shot up, so I decided this was a good opportunity to seriously try to get some cool still images out of another kind of camera, my GoPro Hero Black 4.  DCIM100GOPROG0451755.

We had a hotel in Indio rented for the day and access to the pool.  Typically you’ll get a model who wants to do underwater, but no pool, or have a pool but no photography allowed.  DCIM100GOPROG0431751.

The GoPro transmits images to your phone while you are shooting via wi-fi, but my phone was so close to death that I basically shot blind.  You can shoot 30 frames at once at 12mp, so it’s not quite the crap shoot as it sounds.DCIM100GOPROGOPR1743. DCIM100GOPROG0361738. DCIM100GOPROG0161714.This last one is from my usual Fuji X-T1, backup in case nothing from the GoPro came out.  Since we naturally spend a lot of time in and around water during the Arizona summers, I’m already lining up as many underwater shoots as I can fit in a schedule!hotel day pspf (456 of 482)

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Twisted Instax


These images are from a set of Fuji instax minis (half Polaroids basically) that I shot in Indio, California.  The model’s hair and dress texture made these images absolutely come together in a way that felt amazing to see developing.  All effects are in-camera.PSPF1 4

If you enjoy any of this work I encourage you to like it and share it!  For more photoworks goodness peruse my Etsy shop, follow on tumblr and twitter and instagram, and rummage around on my full site.