Minimalist portraiture with Mckenzie Eckels

I was in LA earlier this month and had the opportunity to shoot with a model long on my wishlist, Mckenzie Eckels.  One of my gimmicks during this trip was a diffusion filter roll bought 2 years ago but never used; I was inspired to chop holes in it by 1950s Vogue photographer Erwin Blumenfeld, and we took advantage of messing up Mckenie’s makeup towards the end on the diffusion.


This ended up being one of my favorite images from the trip, one that barely shows the model but shows a lot of personality.  Shot with the Fuji X-T2 with the magnificent Fujinon XF35mmF1.4 R.


Elaina and Shell

model Elaina Mae shot in Vancouver
model Elaina Mae shot in Vancouver

One of my favorite images from August’s Canada trip.  I used a shell found in the house I was staying at, and shot this with natural light on a back porch, with no hmua or stylist involved.  Another reminder that great images don’t get made based on how much money you throw at it or how much gear you used.