Photographer without a camera

My beloved Fuji X-T1, which I shoot the majority of my still and video work on, went into a coma in Los Angeles last week and had to be sent off for repair- likely a 6 week ordeal that will cost hundreds. November and December are also the time when I need the camera the most for family shoots, so I’m asking friends to consider helping out by shopping my Etsy site for art. Any sales will go towards getting a new camera/ repairing the old one. I also have my e-book “Capturing the Face” available on Amazon, and for people in the East Valley I have 2 classes running at Tumbleweed in December, Making Manga and GoPro Fundamentals. Thank you in advance to anyone able to help out!


New Instax Minis on Etsy

etsy (1 of 11) etsy (2 of 11)

At the end of July and start of August I went on a tear with my Instax Mini, shooting Glass Olive in Utah and Lacheln in Phoenix.  Select originals of those shoots are for sale on my Etsy page;  they are a bit retro, surreal, pop, and modern, my favorite blend of tone.etsy (3 of 11) etsy (7 of 11)

Androgynous Instax

Model Trish Davis shot in Los Angeles Feb 2015
Model Trish Davis shot in Los Angeles Feb 2015

Model Trish Davis, done double-exposure fujiroid instax style.  Her hair being up, and the double-x making her arms bigger and apparently more muscle-y, as well as squaring her jaw, gave this a real androgynous feel that the model actually picked as her favorite.

The original instax mini is up for sale on my Etsy site.  Feel free to follow me at IGFBmy blog or my site!

New Photoworks On Etsy

I’ve added a lot of new prints to the Etsy shop, as well as new one-of-a-kind instax and ceramic masks.  These particular images are all available as 8×12″ archival prints ranging from $25-$30.  The top three painted images were collaborations with artist Jamie Graden in Los Angeles…

DSC_5305 taj010  DSC_1710-Edit-2_HDR

…and these two were painted by model and artist Luxbot Lacheln, who is in the first image…


If you enjoy any of this work I encourage you to like and share it!  For more photoworks goodness peruse my Etsy shop, follow on tumblr and twitter and instagram, and rummage around on my full site.


Photolucida 2015 Fund Drive!

Photolucida-219[1] copy

The SXSW of art photography, Photolucida, is having portfolio reviews in Portland April 2015, and I was lucky enough to make it through the lottery process they have for registration.  The next hurdle is registration costs- roughly $1000 due Oct. 7, 2014, one week.  Photolucida is a big enough deal that I am ready to sell my car to pay the registration, but since I do have an Etsy shop full of art, anyone who buys from me this week Sept 29-Oct. 5th will get something extra in their order, to be determined depending on what anyone orders!

New Simpsons/ Futurama Masks

I frequently make masks inspired by the Simpsons and Futurama.  At their respective peaks they are my favorite shows and have probably shaped my brain more than anything else- more than Star Wars, Star Trek, the Muppets, the Beatles, any other slice of pop culture you could name.  It’s a joy to do these masks even if they come out as very primitive renditions of the characters.  Too bad one can’t make a whole art career doing Zoidbergs!  These and other sculptural masks are available on my Etsy.

2014-08-21 07.51.30