Motion Comics at San Diego Comic Con!

San Diego Comic Con 2017! Motion Comics With Adobe Character Animator! How do these things connect? Because Adobe sent me to SDCC to present a panel on Motion Comics! Get a taste of the Primordial Creative Studios experience at Comic Con!

Here’s the trailer for The Innocence of Seduction, the film that caught Adobe’s attention:

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Adobe Character Animation Panel at San Diego Comic-Con International

When I made “Innocence of Seduction” in 2016, it was a total labor of love- it combined my love of Golden Age comics weirdness, old timey radio dramas and a collage aesthetic, largely made possible because of Adobe’s Character Animator software.  I posted the work on Adobe’s forum and by virtue of having a big fan on Character Animator’s development team, I was invited to take part in a “Motion Comics” panel at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con!  The panel is at 1 P.M. on opening day, Thursday July 20th, but you can check out the short film Innocence of Seduction here…

…and my corresponding tutorials on how I made the film, and operate within Character Animator, are on my Udemy instructor site!

See you all at Comic-Con International!




Spectrum Fantastic Art Live Roundup

2014-05-09 15.03.40Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, a fantasy-themed arts convention, was held in Kansas City last weekend and I was there at my table on Friday and Saturday.  I’d decided pretty late that I wanted to bring sculpture along with photography, and that the only way to do that was to drive from Phoenix… a 22 hour drive through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas into Missouri.  Somewhere in my head I figured the gas would be equivalent to renting a car and hotel rooms in downtown KC.  Silly me!

The highlights:

meeting some of the guys from Sidebar, one of my favorite podcasts

my first “life drawing” experience with nude models (keep in mind I’ve photographed nudes 100 times, yet I’ve never had a life drawing experience)

attending Frank Cho’s live drawing Q+A.  I like Frank as an artist.  He has strong opinions about Modern Art (“it’s all a scam, it’s crap”) that I think are ill-informed but he has his reasons and prejudices I guess.

meeting a lot of artists from other parts of the country, and seeing some truly stunning sculpture done live.

watching the film “Making It” which premiered at SFAL, which I enjoyed for its collection of honest interviews.

As for some general observations:

The filmmakers chronicled a year in the lives of 3 of their artist friends.  After the film, a female audience member questioned the film panel on it’s lack of diversity, and one artist involved claimed it would have cost “twice as much” to include more female creators.  The actual filmmakers backpedaled this and eventually got to the point where they said “these are guys we know and have access to,” but it was a weird moment that female creators at the table next to me were talking about that next morning.

I don’t attend that many shows but I’m aware of the ongoing back-and-forth about the presentation of women in fantasy art and comics, lack of diversity among creators, and between Frank Cho (who says he’s a “real pervert” and draws “pornography” in reference to his high T+A quotient) and the “Making It” kerfuffle, the problems are definitely real.  There are a lot of guys who perceive geek culture as their boys club- maybe they never could relate to women, or were very introverted and scared around them, so their experience is limited to fantasy representations.  People who can’t have positive intimate relationships get weird ideas of how the world works, they develop weird and negative attitudes.

Overall, SFAL was a chance to introduce my work to a crowd very far from home.  With the show in the rear-
view mirror, I’m turning the “show” trip into a “photo” trip in New Mexico and Arizona to justify the cost of gas.

2014 Travel + Show Schedule

2014 is a year of touring, conventions and shows.  Very little sitting at home on my ass this year.

Jan 24-26 – my first table at a comic convention, the Amazing AZ Con.  I’ll be selling my genre-related photography and sculptural masks.

Feb 8-9 – “Stitch Fetish 2: Electric Boogaloo”, a group show I’m in at the Hive in Los Angeles.  Last year’s Hive show is where I met designer Marcel Dejure, who has since been a top LA collaborator.

March 8-  Fashion Show in Laguna Beach, CA with designer Dan Richters.  Also during March the kids have Spring Break, so we’ll be backroading around New Mexico and Colorado.

April/ May – the family goes to Eastern Europe, I hope to go with… around this time is the hanging of my work at the Tempe Library for a longgggg stretch of 6 months

June – I’ll be sitting at two Comicons, the Phoenix Comicon the first weekend of June  and the Las Vegas Comicon June 21-22-23

July into August is a month of touring, including the usual West Coast LA/ Portland/ Seattle and adding Vancouver Canada and Chicago into the mix.

That’s the first half of the year in skeletal form.  The final two conventions will be the fall Las Vegas and Tucson Comicons, and the NYC Photo Festival in late October.