Fujifilm Square SQ10 Unboxing/ Review/ Samples!

Fuji’s latest instant film camera, the Square SQ10, gets unboxed and road tested in a shoot with model Alina Lee aka Thumbelina in a pool and a jail. We show how the hybrid digital/ analogue camera works, see sample images, showcase the unique features of the camera, go over the pros and cons of the camera, and do our best to answer all your burning questions about the Fujifilm SQ10!


Minimalist portraiture with Mckenzie Eckels

I was in LA earlier this month and had the opportunity to shoot with a model long on my wishlist, Mckenzie Eckels.  One of my gimmicks during this trip was a diffusion filter roll bought 2 years ago but never used; I was inspired to chop holes in it by 1950s Vogue photographer Erwin Blumenfeld, and we took advantage of messing up Mckenie’s makeup towards the end on the diffusion.


This ended up being one of my favorite images from the trip, one that barely shows the model but shows a lot of personality.  Shot with the Fuji X-T2 with the magnificent Fujinon XF35mmF1.4 R.

Fuji X-T2 Video Review + Samples

Another year, another Fuji upgrade- here’s my review of the X-T2 along with samples!  Side note, the video itself was filmed in 4k with the X-T2.

I’ve been thinking about how to better utilize my youtube channel beyond posting my video art, and I decided it’s a good place to do gear reviews and tutorials that wouldn’t fit on my Skillshare channel.  As I’m making more youtube content I’m also open to requests!  Comment or message me about what kind of reviews or tutorials you’d like to see and I’ll do my best to make it happen!

The Lily Drone and Why It Matters

My Facebook feed exploded today with the number of people posting about the not-yet-released Lily camera, a waterproof drone camera you throw to activate.  The Lily tracks your movements via the tracking device you keep on your body, say, in you pocket, rather than you having to control it with a remote; essentially, the drone is an assistant with a mind of its own.  Lily.camera is offering pre-orders at half the price, and being someone who hadn’t yet jumped on the drone wagon, a

1. autonomous camera that tracks movements

2. that is $500 off list price and

3. is smaller and therefore easier to transport than the DJ Phantom

won me over.  Preordered.  It won’t start shipping until February 2016, but that just gives me enough time to get shooting scripts and concepts together that will make effective use of the Lily.  It already feels like buying another set of hands, shooting aerial B-roll.