Photographing Models: A Beginner’s Guide – Udemy Course Coupon + Trailer

Creative portraits, fashion showcases, artistic bodyscapes- these are but a few of the interpretations people take with model photography.  Working with talented professional women and men to achieve artistic goals goes back centuries, but a lot of people are confused about the ins and outs of the modern model photography environment.  Where do you find models, what do you say, how do you compensate them?  In this course we aim to demystify Model Photography.

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Instax Model Shoots #12: Sky

Check out some recent instax wide work with Northern California model Sky, and hear from the model herself about model wardrobe styling. All images shot with my recently purchased Lomo’Instax Wide.

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The Lomo’Instant Wide Splitzer Werewolf Selfie!

After my catastrophe with the Instax Wide 300 I had a bunch of film and Amazon credit to burn, and thankfully there was something else out there with the cool photographic effects that satisfied my creativity.  Here we use the “Splitzer” filter and the selfie mirror to do a quick werewolf.

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Instax Square prints with Kacie Marie

This morning I finally figured out how to print instax squares off the Fuji SQ-10 that weren’t shot on the camera and ran off these images of Kacie Marie – for a long time I resisted trying this because it’s, you know, “fake instax” (says the man who makes music out of 85% samples) but now the scales have fallen from my eyes and I see the creative potential, not just refining higher quality images before I print, but working more with instax collage and mixed media/ creative damage/ write stories on the print.  And really what is the difference between one machine printing an image or another?  Besides more people actually collect instax…

Which brings me to the topic of my upcoming instax sale, which I’m doing to help fund upcoming trips to NYC and Hawaii.  I’ve got images of some of the best indie models out there, including

Ana Corbi



McKenzie Eckels


Cacia Zoo

Anastasia Arteyeva

Sierra McKenzie

Hailey J

Kacie Marie

Alysha Nett

Hattie Watson


Glass Olive

Kaila Stone

..and some others which I’ve put on sale before.  BUT!  Now I’m able to do some SPECIAL REQUESTS!  Basically any image shot with any model can be made into a specialty square instax.  I don’t mass produce these things so no worries about getting “just another print.”  Instant film is still a singular art artifact that doesn’t take up a ton of space or cost a lot of money and it’s a great way to have some keepsake of your favorite model!

Sale starts April 1st, and by all means send me any requests!  Prints will be made upon purchase.

Here’s the sale prices:

1-5 instax: $10 each

6 for $50

10 for $75

FREE shipping in the US.  Images forthcoming but get in touch at if you have any questions/ requests and do check out my Patreon where all my full uncensored model sets and tutorials hang out!

Experimental Instant Film Photography + The Polaroid Years

Let me tell you all about my favorite instant film book, “The Polaroid Years”, and how I draw inspiration from crazy, wild art photography contained within!  If you’re interested in creating strange and amazing art pieces with your instant film camera of choice, get out your notepad and take some notes!

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Artistic Portrait Photography – A Udemy Course Trailer + Coupon

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When you have a compliant subject in a creative portrait shoot, the only limits are your imagination and budget. In this class we focus on the concepts behind unique portrait photography by looking at the work of dozens of world class photographers past and present. We’ll cover where to find subjects, how to approach them, the pros and cons of different types of gear, and some wild approaches to post work and in camera effects that allow you to make unique imagery. I’ll also show you how I do some of my own creative portrait shoots with models in both studio and location settings, and in a travel photography scenario.

This class focuses almost exclusively on putting together a shoot and creative concepts, not gear and technology.