Photomerge Strategies in Lightroom Classic

Photomerge strategies for creative panoramic photography using Lightroom Classic – I take you out of the studio and up on Mount Lemmon near Tucson, Arizona to shoot panoramic images in a few different ways using the Fuji X-T2. Then, we head back home and dig into Lightroom Classic comparing how in-camera panoramics stack up against the merged horizontal and vertical versions from Lightroom!

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How To Delete Synced Images in Both Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic

When Adobe rolled out Lightroom CC in late 2017, it created a swath of confusion- where exactly are your images when you run both LR CC and Lightroom Classic, and how do you clean out your Creative Cloud without deleting your images in every library and every drive? Here’s a quick tip on how to do just that!

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5 Ways To Speed Up Your Photography Workflow

Photography workflow!  Can you get better and faster in one fell swoop?  Here’s 5 tips on how I’ve been able to speed up my own photographic workflow, plus one bonus tip!

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The Adobe Lightroom Bootcamp – A New Udemy Photography Workshop

Just launched – my latest Udemy course is the deepest of dives in Adobe Lightroom, and it’s a monster.  

Adobe Lightroom is the industry standard for both maintaining a large digital photo library and editing images to achieve their full artistic potential.  Lightroom’s interface corresponds to an ideal workflow that makes sense to experienced darkroom photographers and digital creators just learning their tools.  The program is broken down into powerful modules – the Library, Develop, Map, Book, Slideshow, Print, and Web- and in this Lightroom Bootcamp, we tackle each one, exploring all the features and how they might be relevant to different kinds of photographers, no matter what genre or if its for commercial or purely artistic purposes.

Students will learn:

…editing approaches that bring out the best in your photography

…how to retouch portraits and create classic epic landscapes

…how to create custom filters, brushes and other templates while getting the most out of Lightroom’s stock filters and brushes

…techniques for speeding up their workflow through the use of auto synchronization, virtual copies, and more

…how to combine multiple exposures for panoramic and HDR photography

…ideas for sequencing and creating layouts for photo books and prints

And much, much more.

I’ve been using and teaching Lightroom for a decade, and in that time I’ve found it to be my go-to software for photo editing, organization and finishing. I’m so excited to share how Lightroom can expand any photographer’s creativity and workflow!

The course is sold on Udemy for $100, but through September it’s only $50 with this secret coupon!

Learning Lightroom – A Skillshare Class Series

I’ve taught photo editing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for many years in person, and put small, specialized lessons online, but I recently had the drive and time to put together a comprehensive series of Lightroom lessons.  In this Skillshare series “Learning Lightroom” we tackle the modules one by one, breaking down all the features and explaining how they may be relevant to any photographer.


This particular lesson focuses on the Library module, an amazing organizational tool with its own development features and special capabilities.  At the end I show you how an experienced Lightroom user would utilize all the components in a real world scenario.

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Lightroom Skillshare Classes

Entering my second year as a Skillshare teacher, I’ve been preparing several new photo/ video editing classes- until those go out, I wanted to let any interested people know my previous Lightroom-focused classes are still available on my channel!

JPEG image-FC7043F162E7-1.jpeg

Retouching Portraits With Adobe Photoshop + Lightroom

In any portrait photography, it’s a give that there will be some facial retouching to make your subjects look their best.  We cover the basics of both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for retouching skin, enhancing eyes, color correction and more!  Sign up is here!


How To Use Adobe Lightroom For Video

Lightroom is generally thought of as a still photography program but here are a few neat tricks you can do, especially if you are just starting to work with videos, need to capture stills from your videos, or want to keep a consistent style between your existing photographic library and your video work.  You’ll be able to have unique looking footage that you can piece together in your video editor such as Adobe Premiere or iMovie.

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Speed Up Your Workflow In Adobe Lightroom

In this class I’ll show how to speed up your editing process in Adobe Lightroom, taking your workflow time from hours down to mere minutes.  We cover syncing and auto syncing your actions, creating your own preset filters and brushes, effectively utilizing virtual copies and collections, and more.  Sign up is over here!

See you in class!



Free Skillshare Coupons For Adobe Classes!

In honor of my favorite haunted holiday, I’ve made a bunch of free enrollment coupons for the Adobe courses on my Skillshare channel.  This lets people who are not Skillshare members be able to view the course without registering or paying even the .99 trial membership.

There are around 5 free enrollments each at the time of this writing!  Click the course title to claim the free coupon.

Speed Up Your Workflow in Adobe Lightroom


How To Use Adobe Lightroom For Video


Bring Out the Details In Your Photos with Tone Mapping in Adobe Photoshop


Get Surreal In Adobe Premiere

get surreal in adobe premiere

Happy Halloween!