Adobe Spark Post – Graphic Design On The Go

One of my most frequently used apps is Adobe Spark Post.  Every YouTube video or tutorial on Skillshare needs a well-designed cover, every Instagram or Facebook announcement could use a cleanly designed text component to catch the attention of a viewer.  Adobe Spark Post has an array of easy-to-use design features that allow me to quickly comp and arrange elements without having to bust out Photoshop on my big boy computer.  There’s a resize feature which automatically creates designs suitable for your actual output- say, “YouTube thumbnail” instead of “1920x1080px”- great for less tech savvy people, such as my wife, who see the word “pixel” and fall into a coma.

Cartoon “me” created with Adobe Character Animator!

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Quick Cuts In Photoshop Mix App

Quick Cuts In Adobe Photoshop Mix!  I use this app on my iPhone to quickly select and mask out objects whenever I’m away from home, taking care of a lot of the drudge work that actually takes longer on my desktop Photoshop.  Here I show you how I get parts of action figures and animals for my animations using Adobe Photoshop Mix.

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Q+A short film trailer

Hey out there!  I’m so happy to present the trailer for the latest short film forthcoming from Primordial Creative studios!  Featuring amazing voice acting from @ohthumbelina​ and featuring Bethany Brown and Peter Bugg in a jazzy office drama told in surreal stop motion animated form.

This was created through extensive use of Adobe Character Animator and Photoshop – check out my Udemy course showing how to incorporate photographs with motion capture animation!

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Adobe Character Animation Panel at San Diego Comic-Con International

When I made “Innocence of Seduction” in 2016, it was a total labor of love- it combined my love of Golden Age comics weirdness, old timey radio dramas and a collage aesthetic, largely made possible because of Adobe’s Character Animator software.  I posted the work on Adobe’s forum and by virtue of having a big fan on Character Animator’s development team, I was invited to take part in a “Motion Comics” panel at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con!  The panel is at 1 P.M. on opening day, Thursday July 20th, but you can check out the short film Innocence of Seduction here…

…and my corresponding tutorials on how I made the film, and operate within Character Animator, are on my Udemy instructor site!

See you all at Comic-Con International!




PWEI – Angry Man’s Deathbed and working with Character Animator

Indie dance/ industrial/ hiphop mashup band Pop Will Eat Itself put out the call for music videos for their new LP Anti-Nasty League, and it was the same week that Adobe released their new Creative Cloud App Character Animator.  CA uses your webcam to track facial movements and copies them onto a Photoshop puppet.  It’s ridiculously simple to animate when your head movements and voice command the puppet.

I was able to draw up a few puppets using the Paper by 53 app on my iPad, airdropped them into Photoshop, split up the parts and sang along to the webcam; voila, the majority of the music video was complete.  I love living in 2015.

The song I chose was “Angry Man’s Deathbed”, as I like drawing Angry Old Men.  I find them relatable.

PWEI’s new album is available exclusively here.