Adobe Character Animator Advanced Techniques – Udemy course launch

With Adobe’s release of Character Animator 1.5 earlier this month, I’m pleased to announce a course covering all kinds of tips, tricks, hacks and new methods of using Character Animator in my new Udemy course “Adobe Character Animator Advanced Techniques!”

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Adobe Character Animator is a motion capture software making use of your webcam, keyboard triggers and audio input to create puppets that can be animated live.  As it’s a relatively new and growing program, there’s a lot that the novice animator can do but isn’t obvious or apparent from the control scheme. Advanced Techniques covers many of those tips and tricks, from making backgrounds travel to using video cycles to having emotive eyes with clipping masks and rigging an animal like a horse.

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Rigging Superheroes In Adobe Character Animator

Check out my full tutorial on Adobe Character Animator with $10.99 coupon and my full tutorial on Motion Comics with another $10.99 coupon!

Check out how to create superpowered motion capture puppets in Adobe Character Animator! I designed Wolverine in Adobe Illustrator, used Photoshop to get him ready for Character Animator, and was able to make a singing berserker with Adobe Character Animator’s motion capture and lip sync capabilities!

Final Day of the Udemy’s Easter Course Sale!

Today’s the final day of Udemy’s Easter Course Sale– where they have all the courses as low as they ever go with the prices.

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I’ve got a wide menagerie of creative photography, video editing, animation and sound editing courses each for $10.99 here – from Model Photography For Beginners to Learning Lightroom to Motion Comics and Adobe Character Animator, I’ve taken all the skills I’ve developed in making my own surreal pop art and filmed tutorials for each in hopes of spreading the gospel of the DIY indie art life.

Even though these are online courses, Udemy is set up where instructors like myself are easily reachable and responsive, and the courses have lifetime access.  My courses are also downloadable so you can watch on your mobile device even without internet access.

See you in class!

Experimental Instant Film Photography + The Polaroid Years

Let me tell you all about my favorite instant film book, “The Polaroid Years”, and how I draw inspiration from crazy, wild art photography contained within!  If you’re interested in creating strange and amazing art pieces with your instant film camera of choice, get out your notepad and take some notes!

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Adobe Illustrator- The Stippled Shading Effect

Let’s learn the quickest way to get a nice retro stipple shading look on our vector art in Adobe Illustrator!

Full class on the topic is on Udemy – $10 coupon here!

The First Adobe Character Animator Show + A Udemy Coupon

Adobe Character Animator is celebrating the very first network tv show produced with it in “Our Cartoon President”, a spinoff of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’s special guest cartoon Trump.

I’m such a huge advocate for Character Animator- I’m working on my own new show using the motion capture digital puppet software, and I’ve done multiple animated shorts and music videos using it.  Once you have your puppet created, you can plug any audio and behaviors into it to make a dynamic character without dealing with the complications of key framing or frame-by-frame animation.

“Our Cartoon President” is, in my opinion, an awesome showcase of the software.  There’s a real lively movement to these characters in a way that a lot of other cheaply animated shows can’t achieve.

If you’re intrigued by Character Animator, I encourage you to check out my Udemy course! I’ve got just 20 $10 Udemy coupons for the course here.