5 Tips For Getting Your Art In Galleries

So you’re an indie artist and you want to have your work in a commercial gallery.  I asked the curator of the gallery I work in for the 5 things he recommended artists do to prepare themselves for submission – the best strategies for getting your work in an art gallery.

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Photographing Models: A Beginner’s Guide – Udemy Course Trailer

Creative portraits, fashion showcases, artistic bodyscapes- these are but a few of the interpretations people take with model photography.  Working with talented professional women and men to achieve artistic goals goes back centuries, but a lot of people are confused about the ins and outs of the modern model photography environment.  Where do you find models, what do you say, how do you compensate them?  In this course we aim to demystify Model Photography.  Check it out with this 9.99 Udemy coupon and see you in class!

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Instax Model Shoots #12: Sky

Check out some recent instax wide work with Northern California model Sky, and hear from the model herself about model wardrobe styling. All images shot with my recently purchased Lomo’Instax Wide.

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Lomo’Instant Wide Roadtest + Review

The best way to test a camera is road testing it in some exotic landscape with a crazy model, and that’s what exactly what I did to put my new Lomo’Instant Wide camera through its paces!  We head to White Sands, New Mexico and see the ups + downs of this camera vs. other instant cameras in my collection.

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The Lomo’Instant Wide Splitzer Werewolf Selfie!

After my catastrophe with the Instax Wide 300 I had a bunch of film and Amazon credit to burn, and thankfully there was something else out there with the cool photographic effects that satisfied my creativity.  Here we use the “Splitzer” filter and the selfie mirror to do a quick werewolf.

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Instax Model Shoots #7: Corie Shannon

Let me tell you about some instax work shot with model Corie Shannon during her 2017 trip to my town, Phoenix. We shoot in the studio and out n about at a local ruin called Scorpion Gulch.

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Fuji Instax Wide 300 First And Last Impressions

Should you treat yourself to an Instax Wide 300?

Watch as I put my new camera through its paces, and show you why I abandoned it after just one month of use!

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