Expressive Drawing For Beginners

I’m excited to launch a new drawing course, Expressive Drawing For Beginners, on my Skillshare channel!

One of the greatest struggles beginning artists have is developing a drawing style that feels natural to them. Through this expressive build-up method, we use a variety of drawing media and methods to find a common ground that could be your natural style.

As this is expressive drawing, we won’t be focused on realism or perfect proportions. This is about creating art that is stylized and personal to what your hand wants to create.

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Using Overlays For Surreal Video Editing in Adobe Premiere

Surrealist video is a favorite thing to both watch and make.  I’m especially fond of the true surrealist artists of the 1920s-40s who were able to create dreamlike strange effects using simple in-camera techniques and inventive video and sound editing.

In this snippet from my course on creating Surreal Video in Adobe Premiere I show you a few strategies for using overlays to create surreal effects.

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Artistic Portrait Photography – A Udemy Course Trailer + Coupon

Take the full course on Udemy for $9.99 with this coupon!

When you have a compliant subject in a creative portrait shoot, the only limits are your imagination and budget. In this class we focus on the concepts behind unique portrait photography by looking at the work of dozens of world class photographers past and present. We’ll cover where to find subjects, how to approach them, the pros and cons of different types of gear, and some wild approaches to post work and in camera effects that allow you to make unique imagery. I’ll also show you how I do some of my own creative portrait shoots with models in both studio and location settings, and in a travel photography scenario.

This class focuses almost exclusively on putting together a shoot and creative concepts, not gear and technology.

Adobe Illustrator- The Stippled Shading Effect

Let’s learn the quickest way to get a nice retro stipple shading look on our vector art in Adobe Illustrator!

Full class on the topic is on Udemy – $10 coupon here!

The First Adobe Character Animator Show + A Udemy Coupon

Adobe Character Animator is celebrating the very first network tv show produced with it in “Our Cartoon President”, a spinoff of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’s special guest cartoon Trump.

I’m such a huge advocate for Character Animator- I’m working on my own new show using the motion capture digital puppet software, and I’ve done multiple animated shorts and music videos using it.  Once you have your puppet created, you can plug any audio and behaviors into it to make a dynamic character without dealing with the complications of key framing or frame-by-frame animation.

“Our Cartoon President” is, in my opinion, an awesome showcase of the software.  There’s a real lively movement to these characters in a way that a lot of other cheaply animated shows can’t achieve.

If you’re intrigued by Character Animator, I encourage you to check out my Udemy course! I’ve got just 20 $10 Udemy coupons for the course here.

Photomerge Strategies in Lightroom Classic

Photomerge strategies for creative panoramic photography using Lightroom Classic – I take you out of the studio and up on Mount Lemmon near Tucson, Arizona to shoot panoramic images in a few different ways using the Fuji X-T2. Then, we head back home and dig into Lightroom Classic comparing how in-camera panoramics stack up against the merged horizontal and vertical versions from Lightroom!

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How To Delete Synced Images in Both Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic

When Adobe rolled out Lightroom CC in late 2017, it created a swath of confusion- where exactly are your images when you run both LR CC and Lightroom Classic, and how do you clean out your Creative Cloud without deleting your images in every library and every drive? Here’s a quick tip on how to do just that!

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