The Business of Being An Indie Artist – a Udemy course, launching today with a special coupon

I’m proud to announce a new course on my Udemy channel, The Business of Being an Indie Artist!

Independent artists are often left to their own devices when it comes to management of their income streams and business choices, and without some guidance, they may find themselves twisting in the wind.

In my 20 years as an artist I’ve presented/ sold/ exhibited my own craft, been a hired freelancer for others, and worked in arts administration/ education/ retail/ exhibition spaces.  I have found ways to survive and live a comfortable life for my family as an independent artist, and wanted to make a course that could help others along their path.  I know exactly what it is like to leave art school and think “what now?”, having paid student loans to learn a trade that has no apparent career path.

Fortunately, we live in a time where an individual, independent artist can be in touch with a worldwide audience, apply for support from a network of artist grants and residencies, have access to public studio spaces or create worlds entirely from their own home digital tools – we cover these options and more for the independent artist in this course.

The course sale is only $9.99 with this Udemy coupon for the next 48 hours!


Surreal Portrait Lighting From Holiday Clearance!

It’s the end of the most magical time of the year- also the time when you can pick up cool and funky LED holiday lighting to use in your own creative photo and video shoots! I show you some psychedelic samples of my own work using Christmas lasers, as well as other surreal lighting classics from James Bond to Frank Ockenfels 3 and Dan Winters.

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Adobe Spark Post – Graphic Design On The Go

One of my most frequently used apps is Adobe Spark Post.  Every YouTube video or tutorial on Skillshare needs a well-designed cover, every Instagram or Facebook announcement could use a cleanly designed text component to catch the attention of a viewer.  Adobe Spark Post has an array of easy-to-use design features that allow me to quickly comp and arrange elements without having to bust out Photoshop on my big boy computer.  There’s a resize feature which automatically creates designs suitable for your actual output- say, “YouTube thumbnail” instead of “1920x1080px”- great for less tech savvy people, such as my wife, who see the word “pixel” and fall into a coma.

Cartoon “me” created with Adobe Character Animator!

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Cyber Monday Udemy Course Sale!

Hey Cyber Monday fans!

All 8 of my Udemy courses are on sale for Cyber Monday – $10 each, including my Adobe Lightroom masterclass which normally goes for $120!  Screenshot 2017-11-26 15.25.38


Photo Zines – How + Why To Make Them

Photo zines! Small, self published presentations of your photographic works – how and why to make them? I tell you about my experience with copy machine photo zines and Blurb trade books and show you samples of both, then get into why zines are a great option for presenting your photography in a physical way to your audience.

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