Spectrum – new video art w Shasta Wonder

Spectrum is video art created with model Shasta Wonder in Los Angeles, Feb 2017.  Filmed on my Fuji X-T2 and edited in Adobe After Effects.

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Instax Model Shoot Series with Glass Olive

Welcome to a new series where I show you some specific shoots I did with models and Fuji Instax film!  These images were shot with the Fuji Instax Mini Neo Classic 90 in 2015 with model/ actress/ Penthouse Pet Glass Olive aka Olive Glass.  We shot in Utah by the Great Salt Lake, a very barren area ideal for the minimalist photography I like with my Instax.

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“Jiangshi” – new fashion/ music /art video

“Jiangshi” is a new track I created this summer in a spurt of music making- basically I got really into the Chinese folk instruments and normal orchestral bits on my iPhone’s Garageband and went to town.  About a dozen tracks were made, and the cream I put together as an EP, “The Haunting of Three Gorges”.  
“Jiangshi”, specifically, has Alina Lee vocals as a few of the instruments, and is an industrial trip hop stomper with a lot of melodic Eastern orchestral bits.  I’m super proud of the song and the video which used Alana Schoen and Sky K Blue and features makeup fx by Crissy Stardust.  
The $7 EP, containing 8 songs and 2 remixes, is available here now! 
This video is actually a very short edit of the actual “Jiangshi” which clocks in at around 4:30.  Just enough to give a sense of the full song- videos like these are equal parts fashion/ beauty, art, and music video, and I love when it all dovetails in this way!

Ana Corbi – Gothic Romantic

Ana Corbi is a Spanish actress and model I have been fortunate enough to shoot with a couple times this year.  Our last shoot was during the San Diego Comic Con when I decided to drive up to LA rather than mess around with the crowds 5 days in a row.

Ana had just returned from Europe and I texted her at noon to see if she was available for a 4pm shoot.  It turned out to be one of the most fruitful shoots I’ve done this year, even if it was totally spontaneous- we got three looks in and make a short film, “Años Azul”, which will be released towards the end of September.  It all comes down to photographer and model being on the same page, where the vision is pretty unified so there isn’t a lot of time being wasted and we can just jump into being creative.

In the meantime, one 18+ set, ‘The Vampire Diaries’, is currently available on my Patreon at the $5 and above level!

Dusk + DIY Zine Class

It’s zine fest season again, and I’m finishing up on my first “big production” zine.  This one is called Dusk and features a combination of sharp graphic design on my photographs combined with hard edged poetry from a few wonderfully talented writers. I shaped it in response to the hard political climate we currently live under, even though politics are not present, it definitely shows in the emotional response represented in Dusk.

I made so many zines last year, and none in 2017, that I’m suddenly remembering how fun and expressive zine making is, like running into an old best friend.

I made a class for zine beginners on my Skillshare channel, and it’s still one of my highest rated/ most frequently lauded classes.  No experience necessary, just paper and pens!

Illustrating the Batman rogues in Adobe Illustrator!

Adobe Illustrator Speed Drawing – Primordial Creative Studio vs the Batman Rogues!

I’ve been doing nightly illustrations of Batman villains as I watch the old Bruce Timm DC Animated Universe shows with my kids.  It’s a bit of “just for fun” and also challenging myself to get better at one of the Adobe Creative Cloud programs I don’t use as much as Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere and After Effects.

This time I redesigned Bane, a Batman villain not held in high regard by Bruce Timm. I sketched him out, used Adobe Illustrator to fully render the comic art, and recorded the process for your viewing pleasure. At the end I show you a few other of the other DC Batman villains I drew in Adobe Illustrator. Please enjoy this speed drawing and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Phoenix Resists

Phoenix protest (14 of 46)
Trump came to Phoenix and I went down to the protest. People with signs, people cosplaying, these are not things I like to photograph or film, so I didn’t make too much of anything, and I wasn’t involved in the actual chaos that happened after the rally. The truly depressing thing was not seeing the Trump supporters in the flesh but how protestors and MAGA-ers just yell at each other as if that does any good. They don’t even speak the same language. A Trump supporter, at this point, is either completely blind to him being a racist/ why racism is bad, or they fully embrace and endorse being a racist and facist. The Trump protestor largely expressed that he is a racist and facist and it goes into the void between these two camps.
I wonder if MAGA types could be swayed by focusing on collusion with Russia – it is, you know, treason in the actual literal sense.
Life has taught me, though, that if someone supports someone, politically or otherwise, it’s never really about reason, it’s about emotion, and underlying strong beliefs that have no rationale behind them.
A Trump supporter genuinely believes white male dominance trumps any treason, law breaking, gangsterism, decline in cultural values or standing in the world, etc.
It’s how evangelicals still support a person so clearly unreligious, unspiritual, how poor rural people support a man who is the biggest rich city slicker of all.
How someone could claim to be a patriot and still defend the Confederacy and treason with foreign hostile nations.
What does screaming back and forth do to change any of that?