Experimental Instant Film Photography + The Polaroid Years

Let me tell you all about my favorite instant film book, “The Polaroid Years”, and how I draw inspiration from crazy, wild art photography contained within!  If you’re interested in creating strange and amazing art pieces with your instant film camera of choice, get out your notepad and take some notes!

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Musical Inspiration For Next Year’s Art

I heard a song I instantly fell in love with this week.  It’s “Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane” by Australian alternative band Gang of Youths, with lyrics detailing a dream where the singer is married with a child, happy as “pigs rolled in shit,” and during a rainy run to get groceries the singers’ family skids off the road and he has to go ID the bodies in the morgue, at which point the dream ends.  The chorus implores the listener to get past their negative thoughts, inspired by a Charles Bukowski quote “as the spirit wanes the form appears.”  Musically I think it’s closest to a major key “Comfortably Numb”, slow and epic with classical flourishes.

This week I’m moving out of the fashion photo/ video studio and refocusing the kind of art I make or want to make, and picking sign posts of inspiration that will see what I do in the next year or two years- this song is one of those sign posts.  It’s elevating a personal fear and concern, challenging it and elevating it to this amazing level of craft and sharing the story in a polished form.

Finding Your Photographic Vision – A Skillshare Class

Hey out there!  Summer’s winding down, my kids are back in school, and Skillshare classes can once again start flowing.  This one is about a topic near and dear to my heart – Finding Your Photographic Vision.  It’s a class not about the technical side of photography but about the steps anyone can take to become more unique and expressive in their photographic art.

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I also wanted to mention that San Diego Comic Con just wrapped up, and Adobe sponsored me to give a panel on their motion capture animation software Character Animator.  It was a hoot to be onstage at the largest comics convention anywhere, and it’s all down to a film I made called The Innocence of Seduction and the corresponding classes I created on Skillshare.  On my channel there are lessons about Motion Comics in Photoshop, Character Animator, After Effects, and other Character Animator tutorials here and here!


A few words about Ren Hang

It’s been a week since one of my favorite photographers, Ren Hang, apparently took his own life at the age of 29.  Ren made very stark, minimal, ring-lit images of people in piles, nude, doing strange things with animals or genitals, but all very unsexy.  It felt to me like a statement on the weirdness of just being a walking organic mess.

I’ve been showing Ren’s work to everyone I work with for the last year or so- a Pinterest board full of loose, random, colorful, “unposed” poses- and to some extent I’ve gotten some successful images, but nothing like the kick in the balls that Ren made with every image.  He left behind such a mountain of images, each one a masterpiece.

Rest in peace, Ren!

Inspiration + Influence: Jim Henson

Jim Henson made avant garde films and probably would have continued if The Muppets hadn’t taken off. I know there was a comic recently of one of his unfilmed works. The Muppets were my earliest memory and influence, so Henson already had a place in my Mt. Rushmore, but the strangeness and unique sound design and pacing of this are influencing me as a filmmaker alongside the same as Orson Welles’ experimental design or George Melies’s in-camera effects.  Sound and cutting are what drives the story in “Timepiece.”

Inspiration + Influence: Grete Stern

Grete Stern
Grete Stern

During my recent trip to NYC I caught a gallery showing of German photomontage artist Grete Stern at the Museum of Modern Art.  Stern fled the Nazis to Argentina in 1935, and produced a stunning series of images that are impressive for their creative weirdness as well as technical precision in the pre-computer, pre-xerox machine days.

Grete Stern
Grete Stern

The sense I get from Stern’s ideas is what I really want out of “assemblage” kind of art- a concept, completeness to the piece, and out-and-out craft and composition.  As many modern collage artists show up on my Tumblr feed, few can pull those elements as tightly together as Stern did.

Grete Stern
Grete Stern

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New Music Video: Je Suis Crabbi “Bend Over Boris”

I did this video for Graham Crabb, the singer of Pop Will Eat Itself who has a fun electronic side project Je Suis Crabbi.  JSC is an outlet for the less serious targets of Graham’s ire- note track titles “Bonophobic”,”Uptalk” and “Big Mouth Wanker”- in this case, London mayor Boris Johnson.  I learned a lot about ridiculous British politics doing this video.

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