Closing Up Shop

A brief announcement that, coinciding with my shift to Primordial Creative multimedia, I’m closing this blog.  Tumblr, Instagram and Vimeo have become my primary social networks and it’s difficult to feed all these beasts and still do the work I need to do.  If you enjoyed my work and tutorials and want to keep up, please do so at one or all of the above!  Thanks for sticking around and happy holidays!


Announcing Primordial Creative

I’ve spent most of 2015 producing videos that build upon my photographic style while incorporating original music, graphic design and animation.  Having my business name “David Miller Photoworks” isn’t relevant at this stage, and “David Miller” is a name so common I have had multiple times where I’m mixed up with another photographer.  This brings us to Primordial Creative- a multimedia production studio focusing on video shorts, sound design, animations, and still photography with a surreal pop flavor.    primordial more lite

In 2016, PC aims to open a physical studio space and bring on other local creatives. It’s been a lengthy transition from basic still photography of an indie artist to this monstrosity of production so I hope anyone following my work enjoys what’s next!