“Introducing Chaos – Creative Image Transfer Techniques” video course now up on Skillshare

cover for class

I joined Skillshare and put up my first class this week- “Introducing Chaos with Creative Image Transfer Techniques.” Photographers, crafters, graphic designers, it’s great for whatever pleases you. The mysterious xerox transfer, the ancient skill of transferring photos onto tiles, and a new use for rubbing alcohol besides a cheap vodka alternative. Here’s a link to get the video course for free  and if you watch it and enjoy it please pass it on!

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PWEI – “They Can’t Take…” Music Video

I had the pleasure of filming and animating this music video for English industrial/punk/rap/indiedance combo Pop Will Eat Itself for “They Can’t Take (What You Won’t Let Em Have)” off of their 2015 LP Anti-Nasty League.  All footage of the band was shot on my phone, making me one of those slime that everyone complains ruins live concerts.

“Scream Queens” – Alive and Animated

Happy Halloween!  My photo series “Scream Queens” continues its mutation into the multimedia world with this new video, which animates photos alongside recent spooky video work and new cartoon animations I made for this set.  

I also have a couple sets left of the Viewmasters I created last year of the series- featuring models like Glass Olive, Anastasia Arteyeva, and Mosh.  They are available at my Etsy and are fun for the whole (adult) family!

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Released today! Capturing the Face: A Guide to Creative Photographic Portraiture

Capturing the Face cover

Out TODAY – my e-book guide to creative photographic portraiture, “Capturing the Face.”

Fast facts:

  1. It’s exclusive to the Kindle store, but can be read on any Kindle app
  2. It is structured around the 10 essential ingredients to creating art photography that communicates with style and depth
  3. it’s 44 pages and $2.99- roughly the same price of an energy drink, but it’ll improve your life rather than sending you to an early grave.

Have fun with it!

The Sound Design of “Interference” and “Lady of the Lake”

My first set of videos in 2014 were to existing music tracks I made in 2013.  The early 2015 videos were set to soundtracks more ambient in nature that I made concurrently to the videos, and assembled as the album Waveforms in Exile.  Having released that album, I have a different approach to the sound of my newer videos which is more music concrete.

The sound design of “Interference” with Cacia Zoo began started with a sample of her saying her name, and remembering the hilarious Chris Lilley rap “Animal Zoo”;  it was super chaotic mashing those up, but it felt like there should be a clash between soft, meditative sounds and the constant barrage of noise and interruption I think most of us have to deal with when we try to be clear.  The “bells” of the ambient parts were recorded last Sunday when I took my kids to the Mesa Idea Museum and found out they no longer have free Sundays, so we stood around and played the xylophones outside- sounds that ended up in this video about an hour later.

Glass Olive’s sounds for “Lady of the Lake” were 100% generated by her, and manipulated by me using a program called Paul Stretch.  I wanted something as ethereal and organic as possible to match the stripped down, ghostly scenarios in the video.  Glass Olive made up these sounds spontaneously while in the hallway of a Brooklyn photo studio, and recorded them onto my iPad while I was busy.

If you enjoy any of this work I encourage you to like it and share it!  For more photoworks goodness peruse my Etsy shop, follow on tumblr and twitter and instagram, and rummage around on my full site.

New video art with Cacia Zoo – “Interference”

I enjoyed working with model Cacia Zoo so much that I remixed some of the video we shot in May, and animated some stills, into this new abstract video piece “Interference”.  The basic concept relates to how distracted we are by digital distractions, dogs, hormones etc. to the point where nothing seems clear.  Maybe why I average only 2 hours of good productivity each day.

Preview: “Capturing the Face – A Guide To Creative Portrait Photography” Kindle e-book

Capturing the Face cover

October 16 sees the release of my first Kindle e-book, “Capturing The Face – A Guide To Creative Portrait Photography”, via Amazon.  It’s structured around the 10 components that I believe are key to making artistic images of people:

  1. Your subject

  2. Location

  3. Styling

  4. Compelling concept

  5. Lighting

  6. Image capturing method

  7. Post production

  8. Formal visual art considerations

  9. Paperwork

  10. The X factor

These elements are all vital pieces to making something magical and I’ve found each worthy of deep exploration in Capturing the Face.  I know what it’s like to do a shoot and end up with one or more of these elements overlooked, and as years have gone on, I’ve learned how to make sure each one is addressed so I get personally satisfying results.  In the coming weeks I’ll put up some snippets of these chapters.  Capturing the Face: A Guide To Creative Photographic Portraiture is 44 pages, $2.99, and available for pre-order right now.