Parroquía San Bernardino de Siena, Mexico City D.F.

Mexico City (276 of 718)

One of the mistakes we made in Mexico City was renting a car and driving in what is routinely described as a city with the worst traffic/ most incomprehensible layout of streets/ no parking available at all.  When we went to Xochimilco, we decided to walk all around after 3 hours of terror in the car.  That led us to Parroquia San Bernardino de Siena, a mission-style church built from 1535-1580 on the grounds of a Pre-Hispanic temple.Mexico City (270 of 718)

I snuck around the rooms which were pretty sparsely furnished, but it ended up giving me some of my favorite photography of the trip.  I like that they keep the human element without having humans in them, or rather, representations of humans in the form of portraits, statues of a creepy Jesus, and foosball tables.

Mexico City (268 of 718)Mexico City (258 of 718)

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