The Newest Member of Team Photoworks: Yoshi

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So this is Yoshi, our new miniature Australian shepherd puppy.

Shortly after my wife and I married, we got an Australian shepherd puppy home we named Mulder.  This was back in 2002.  Mulder was a wonderful dog who lived a happy life and got mysteriously ill for 3 days and died around 2011 or 12.

When we got our house in Chandler, Arizona in 2003, we adopted an Australian Cattledog whom we named Worf.  Worf is still around today.  After Mulder died, Worf was pretty unhealthy (overweight, rotten teeth, going blind) and we thought he didn’t have long for the world, and we’d wait until he passed on to get a new dog.


Actually, once Worf ditched the rotten teeth and slimmed down on a canned food diet and increased walkings, he’s pretty healthy and didn’t seem like he was on any death watch any more.  But our kids really wanted a dog to raise, that would play with them, and at “81 in dog years” Worf pretty much has 0 interactions with anyone else in the house besides me.

Anyways, Yoshi joined the family on May 3rd and he brings a wonderful brightness into our lives.  Maggie is even forgoing her Minecraft obsession to dote over this guy.


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