New Xerox Transfer Work of Ancient Images

D 1

The main series I presented at Photolucida to reviewers is the xerox transfers that I’d been referring to as “sketches,” though I’ve since been informed that’s a terrible name.  Several reviewers wanted to see more of the work so I’ve been making dozens of new pieces over the last couple weeks.  This photo was originally taken in 2009 at one of my earliest model shoots- nothing I would dare keep in my portfolio, but it turned out to be ideal for this particular project.

If you enjoy any of this work I encourage you to like it and share it!  For more photoworks goodness peruse my Etsy shop, follow on tumblr and twitter and instagram, and rummage around on my full site.


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I'm a multimedia artist in Phoenix, AZ. Main Site - Instagram @primordialcreative + twitter @dbmillerphoto

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