Learning to Love the Landscape

palm springs fuji (153 of 166)

It’s mid-April of 2015 and I’ve noticed a trend in my photography that separates it from all previous years- a greater emphasis on travel and epic landscapes.  This year in Hawaii and California I’ve visited redwoods, a volcano + corresponding plain, a rainforest, climbed on top of waterfalls, been on snowy mountains and played in sand dunes.  I’ve swam in the ocean and hiked locally in our Arizona canyons and mountain parks like Papago, the San Tans and Sabino Canyon.

palm springs fuji (161 of 166)-Edit

Why this is a change for me is, I never was a landscape guy.  All my favorite photographers worked with either people or animals.  Maybe I could chalk it up to wanting to experience the world a bit more than I did when I was young- I’m also keen to stay healthy and not just melt into a pile of sludge in front of the tv.  I need to be physically active and being out in nature is a great way to keep fit while indulging our photographic habits.San Fran (21 of 292)-Edit

The other change is, I’m finding the market for artsy model images has its limits in who wants to buy them, where they can be displayed, etc.  Elegant epic landscapes tend to have a wider appeal and serve better when I’m trying to put together a workshop.

Kona day 5 (165 of 338)-Edit

Tuscon Feb 2015 (49 of 296)

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