New music video – “Survival Mode” by Artificial Human

Every video I make is a challenge in both concept and technical execution, but this one was particularly tricky; I had a song from 2013 I really wanted to make a music video for, but the footage I had of the singer Lacheln was from a few months before we even did this song.  This footage had gone untouched on various hard drives over the last two years, basically because I didn’t have a decent enough computer to do anything with it until now.

Though the song is about the wars of offense and defense we have with our loved ones, I was always a fan of music videos that had an alternate theme to them that wasn’t actually in the song.  After a chance encounter with a bat wandering around in daylight, I filmed a variety of animals at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo and at the Maricopa County Fair in Phoenix.  I would assume animals are much more cognizant of the “circle of life” than people and make decisions based on survival needs.  You don’t see animals wasting their money, do foolish self destructive things in the way people choose to.

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