Hawai’i Photoblog #1

Aloha and welcome to the first of my photo blogs on Kona, The Big Island of Hawai’i!  Wife actually won this trip via her workplace, Alaska Airlines, for filling out a survey of all things.
Kona day 1 (472 of 790)
We stayed in Kailua Kona, the western city.  There’s only 2 largish cities on the island, the other being Hilo on the east side.  Kailua is the more touristy of the two and we basically did our “island adventure” type of activities out of there.  Day 1 involved a whale watch- a few hours out on a big boat, spotting whales and dolphins.
Kona day 1 (376 of 790)
It was exciting and educational and the kids loved it.  My daughter Maggie continues to give us the facts about whales and dolphins, days later.  Because regulations are such that boats have to be remain far from the whales, the only one we saw super close up was a surprise from behind while I was picking up snacks and didn’t have my camera in hand.
Kona day 1 (664 of 790)
One of my personal photo rules is “shoot what you can the best you can even if that’s not what you intended to shoot.”  Which is to say, if I’m on a boat chasing whales and I’ve shot them the best I could and couldn’t get any closer and maybe the whales aren’t around for 20 minutes, I shouldn’t be sitting doing nothing.  I should be shooting what is available to me, and in most cases, that’s my family, other people on the boat, textures, the food, etc.  These details are just as important for the family video, the storytelling aspects of travel photography, but even moreso it keeps up the momentum one needs while “in the zone” of shooting.
Kona day 1 (458 of 790)
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