Inspiration + Influence: Frank Ockenfels 3

In late April I’ll be an attendee at the Palm Springs Photography Festival’s Frank Ockenfels workshop.  It’s 3.5 days spent with a master portrait photographer known for creating atmospheric images of celebrities that often incorporate mixed media elements and cinematic lighting.  Frank has shot covers for Rolling Stone going back to the late 80s, and done some of the more famous images of modern pop culture in the form of Breaking Bad and Walking Dead portraits.

Frank Ockenfels 3 "Walking Dead"Frank Ockenfels 3 “Walking Dead”

When registering for the workshop, it was a complete tossup between Dan Winters and Frank Ockenfels.  Dan’s workshop was $100 so I signed up for that, but a glitch on the PSPF site meant I was one of a few photographers overbooked for Dan- a month after my registration, I was informed I could get a refund or be transferred to another workshop with a discount.  Frank was kind enough to take another photographer into his by-then already-sold out course.

What’s the most inspiring about Frank?  Well, he’s one of the few photographers I’m aware of who has a mixed media artistic sensibility to simple portraits that look amazing on every level.  The images seem to reach out to another reality where positive could be negative, distortions imply emotions.

Frank Ockenfels 3
Frank Ockenfels 3

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