2014 Photoworks-in-Review

2014 was a very good year for me.  It was the second year of not having a day job, and many of the bugs that occurred in 2013- like not having enough workshops scheduled, or having months with no work and no art sales at all- were more or less taken care of.


I did around 25 model shoots, same as the previous year, and most of them were piled into particular trips.

Two weeks were spent in my wife’s home country of Macedonia, where I was able to actually do the immersive cultural-type photography when one has money to travel and can speak the language.

I’ve been fortunate to be exhibiting as a solo arist or with just one other photographer rather than buried deep in group shows.  Photos were exhibited at the Tempe Library for 4 months, a downtown Phoenix gallery Capture 12 and currently at the Arizona Opera.

Stylistically I did a ton of mixed media photography, particularly the xerox transfer style which evolved into a series called “Sketches.”

Virtually all of my gear has been replaced and upgraded- from the Fuji X-E1 I bought last December to the Fuji X-T1, to a set of portable monolights and lots of grip gear for video, portable LED lights and a Macbook Pro.

I’ve even been able to get some of my older photo work properly printed and exhibited for the first time- in particular, my Western Zen series taken at Japanese and Chinese gardens around 2008.

Video also became a huge part of my output.  I’d been hampered by my war horse Nikon D700 having no video function, but the Fujis sorted me out and I made dozens of music videos, tutorials, and video art pieces which have been littering my youtube and vimeo channels.

I did attend my first creative conventions as an exhibitor in Kansas City and Phoenix, though those weren’t particularly successful, I feel like it’s part of the growing process and I’m proud to have done those things.

and in other creative avenues…

For once I released an Artificial Human album through Amazon and iTunes, which turns out to be surprisingly easy. (AH is my electronic music project that I’ve plowed away at for 15 years).  Many of those songs were the basis for the music videos which I’ve been filming.

I made something in the neighborhood of 100 ceramic masks.


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I'm a multimedia artist in Phoenix, AZ. Main Site - http://www.primordialcreative.com Instagram @primordialcreative + twitter @dbmillerphoto

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