Inspiration + Influence: Dan Winters

Note: this was originally written in 2010 on my previous blog.  I still love Dan’s stuff though!

image by Dan Winters


As I venture into portraiture I am looking at some of the big modern names in that field– Dan Winters is one of the most accomplished portrait photographers around.  In a recent interview on the Candid Frame, he talked about his history and of working with basically no real setup and no assistant, doing whatever he could to cut costs, and also how portraiture was the one avenue of expressive photography that would pay the bills and be creatively satisfying.  It’s the kind of stuff I need to hear these days.  I think stylistically, some of the images on his site where 2 vertical 4×5 images are paired to make a standard horizontal image seem like something I may try as I burn through the rest of my 4×5 film.  Dan is an illustrator as well as a photographer and I really appreciate the dual skillset that I hope to blend in my own art.

image by Dan Winters



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