Inspiration + Influence: Wil Wheaton

One of the first names that comes to mind when I think “famous bloggers” is actor Wil Wheaton, who came to prominence in Star Trek:TNG as Wesley Crusher alongside films like Stand By Me and The Secret of NIHM.  The main reason I’m blogging right now in 2014 is because in 2003 I met Wil at a convention and asked him about how one gets started blogging.  It’s comical now that I felt like I had to ask someone how to start a blog, but remember, this was 2003- just the dawn of the blog era, and it seemed a bit mysterious and techy then.  Wil referred me to Blogger and I kept a photo blog going there until around 2010, at which point it felt kind of old timey compared to the new-fangled Internet 2.0 or whatever they called it when FB and Tumblr and all the rest took over.

Wil is still an influence though.  He has a recurring audience who came to him on the back of his paid projects, but stuck around for his insights, humor, and personality.  In other words, he gets to be Wil Wheaton all the time and the audience loves him for it.  Very few people enjoy such freedom.  Someone like Kim Kardashian is rich and famous but also hated and constantly stalked by paparazzi.  If Mel Gibson were himself all the time, he’d lose what audience remains for him.  Wil still works, acts, does voice overs, still writes and creates- and has his own audience without corporations sponsoring everything- and still gets his privacy and normal home family life.  It’s basically the dream of the independant creative in 2014.


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