Fuji X-T1 Test with Magdalena

Kids w smoke machine (8 of 111)

It’s been close to a year since I jumped ship from Nikon to Fuji, and my starter X-E1 already felt a bit long in the tooth compared to the more rugged X-T1 that was released this year.  In October I was able to upgrade and my first shoots with new cameras always seem to prominently feature my daughter Magdalena.  Long story short- I love the camera.  It’s clearly a bit tougher than the plastic X-E1, and I’m more on board with a few small adaptaions:

1. dedicated ISO dial

2. dedicated video button

3. ability to set the function on all directional buttons- in my case, focus points in each direction

Anything that stops me from searching through a menu is a plus in my book.  The only downside, so far, is that the Fuji app that supposedly connects via wi-fi is broken since the release of ios8, but that’s an app problem, not a hardware one.

This was also in combination with various small pieces of equipment, like Neewer LED lights and a smoke machine (not pictured here).  If you enjoy any of this work I encourage you to like it and share it!  For more photoworks goodness peruse my Etsy shop, follow on tumblr and twitter and instagram, and rummage around on my full site.


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