Inspiration + Influence: Film Trooper Podcast

In 2014, podcasts are more useful to me than any actual schooling I’ve had.  I hear real peoples’ experiences with art and freelancing, and I probably get 4 hours of podcasting in a day as I make art, edit images, drive around, walk the dog, etc.  Every new interest I have means a bunch of new subscriptions, so when seeking more inspirational podcasts about cinematography and filmmaking I came across Film Trooper hosted by Scott McMahon.  The tagline for Fim Trooper is “helping filmmakers become entrepreneurs,” though you could easily change out “filmmakers” with “artists” because in 2014 any indepedent aritst- anyone below the level of, say, Peter Jackson or U2 or Damien Hirst- HAS to be an entrepreneur.  We HAVE to be our own advocates, reach our own audience and create value for them.

One of the things I love about Scott’s podcast is the emphasis on quality.  The conversations don’t meander, and the audio quality is great, so when I as a listener show up for a conversation on how to sell and promote a film on Amazon, I get that conversation as clearly as possible. There’s also a purity to the spirit of the show.  Film Trooper is from an independent POV and seeks to help anyone else who wants to be creative and successful at that creativity.  It isn’t telling you “you need to have all this gear or you can’t do it” or “just make things you think a major studio will want and you’ll work your way up the food chain” or even worse “we know how to do these films but we’re going to keep them as secrets because you, the public, may be our competition.”


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