Adapt or Die: How to Earn Money at Comic Conventions

Words relevant to all artists at trade shows, galleries etc., not just comicons…

Pop Culture Uncovered

by Fenny Lin

Last week, Denise Dorman wrote a blog post, “The Hidden TRUTH About Comic Book Convention Earnings: For Creators, Have Comic Book Conventions JUMPED THE SHARK?” that got cosplayers and con-goers fired up. Since the post came out, there has been a lot of discussions on various boards and FB pages, rebuttals, and voices of support. Because this is a subject that’s near and dear to my heart, I have to jump into the fray and add my two cents as well.

To start off, some background on me: I’ve been a vendor at various east coast cons (usually in Artist Alley, but a few times on the main exhibitor’s hall) with my BFF for the past 4 years. Prior to that, I’ve cosplayed for about 6 years, and I’ve been an generally nerdy attendee for the last 20 years. Basically, I’ve seen the shift that Dorman talks…

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