October 2014 Class/ Travel Schedule

First I’d like to mention I’ll be in NYC roughly Oct. 28-31, partly for the NYC Photo Expo and partly to make a bunch of new art.  Wherever I have a hole in my Arizona schedule and the flights look decent I’ll be in Portland and Seattle as well.


Locally in Chandler/ Tempe/ Mesa AZ, I have a bunch of new classes starting in October:


Oct 15 “Beginning Photography” starts 6-8pm at Tumbleweed Rec Center

Oct 17 is the Chandler Art Walk, complete with a zombie walk.  I made a bunch of ceramic zombies for just the occasion.

Oct 20 “Portrait Photography” starts 6-8pm at Tumbleweed Rec Center


Tempe Rec is continuing my “DSLR Basics” class that started in September.

Oct 10 Jerry’s Artarama in Tempe features an artist demo by me from 12-2

Oct 24 Jerry’s Artarama has a mixed media workshop involving photo transfer from 3-5.


Oct 25 begins a new set of kid’s art classes at Mesa Arts Center- “Making Manga,” “Acrylic,” “Science Art” and “Charcoal”

I like how busy this coming month looks!  I’ve done a lot of dark horror/scifi artwork in photo, ceramics, music and video so expect the next month to be filled with pure spooktacularity.

For more photoworks goodness peruse my Etsy shop, follow on tumblr and twitter and instagram, and rummage around on my full site.


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I'm a multimedia artist in Phoenix, AZ. Main Site - http://www.primordialcreative.com Instagram @primordialcreative + twitter @dbmillerphoto

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