Getting Creative With Fujifilm Instax

Kelly Eden
model Kelly Eden in Los Angeles shot on instax mini

I still have my Polaroids from my youth.  They seem to mean more than the actual prints from negatives.  So as much as I’m a devotee of shooting digital in RAW and taking the time to craft a final image, printing it big and framing it, nothing feels quite like a sweet slice of analogue.  

Brooke Eva
model Brooke Eva double exposure

Many photographers who shoot digital with models are also doing instax wide and instax mini images with the models and selling them as collector items.  It’s certainly helped me offset some of the costs of doing these shoots.  Others work solely in the instant film format and have built their careers around it.  I’m making a concentrated effort to have these instant images still feel like quality art and not completely cast off, “unimportant” (as I once described them) images.

Brooke Eva
model Brooke Eva double exposure

Some strategies to express in instax the surreal feel I like in my photos is through double exposure and filtration through prism and star filters.  These two images were both done with model Brooke Eva in her home in LA, actually in a parking lot behind a house.  The only Fuji Instax camera capable of the double-exposure is the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic, and even though it costs a bit more than the typical Instax Mini camera, it’s worth it for both its specialized controls and it’s beautiful style.


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