Ammalynn + Friends

Ammalynn + Friends

Model Ammalynn with real live worms coming out of her eyes and mouth. I xeroxed the image, exacto-knifed the holes, bought worms from Wal-Mart and had an interesting time getting them to “act.” Then I gave them a moist shady home in my garden.

The model knew we were going to have an image like this and she was really into the idea, which is exactly what you as the photographer want. Last year someone told me “I have no wish to appear decapitated,” and I quickly dropped that shoot. I’m not saying everyone should love a photographer or director’s ideas, but if there’s conflict better to just drop the whole thing and work with people who gel.

This is part of my ongoing “Scream Queens” series, which I began a couple years ago and thought I had said everything I could say. There have been a lot of variations on the theme, and it turns out I have a lot of previous work that fits in with the series.

This particular idea was based on Halloween 3, where Halloween masks melt a person’s head and bugs come rocketing out of the eye sockets. I also saw a similar thing on the PowerPuff Girls involving cockroaches. I may get around to doing a cockroach version, my cat usually presents me with dead cockroaches during the hot summer months when they invade my laundry room…

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