Travelogue: Macedonia Pt. 1


My wife Vesna came from Macedonia to America in 1996 as an exchange student, and since then she’d gone to college, gotten married, bought a house with me in Arizona, and had two children.  18 years have passed since she’d been to her home country, but this May we finally made the family excursion to the capital of the former Yugoslavian republic.  This post covers the first few days of our stay.

We were generously allowed to use an apartment of a distant cousin at no cost.  This kind of giving spirit is typical of Macedonians.  “You’re coming here?  Take my house for 3 weeks, no problem!”  An invitation to a meal means a multi-course feast 10 times larger than it’s actually possible to eat.  I’ve lived with my wife for 13 years and still get offered an overload of food.


These first few days have been catching up with her old friends and relatives while keeping our children entertained at local malls.  Even those more “daily routine” kind of events are offering great photo opportunities when I am ready for them.  Nothing like a deep dive into a culture for great photography!

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