One artist who I follow on Facebook, Jamal Igle, is admirable at interacting with his followers.  Every day he asks questions or gives commentary about the comics industry, movies, art in general, and politics.  It’s a lively interaction and I’m sure keeps him sane while creating his projects in his home studio.

To a similar end, I’ve made it a point to have more discussions with followers on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.  Sometimes it’s me asking them questions and sometimes it is them writing me.  Tumblr has a feature called “Anonymous” where people can hide their identity for whatever purpose when asking you something, making it very easy to get rude or weird, and you can have Anonymous turned off, but it’s kind of fun to see what comes in my inbox.

Some recent questions:

Will you encourage your children to be models? Even if they pose nude or in racy situations?”

The boy shows no interest in being in pictures.  Maggie enjoys it as something she does with Dad and she gets paid for it so, I guess, the root of the question falls flat- can I see a 5 year old as a nude model?

If she does maintain an interest in modeling as an adult I wouldn’t have an issue with it, unless safety was a factor in which case obviously I would have a problem.  The model she actually knows, Lacheln, makes a living as a traveling art/ glam/ fashion/ etc. model and doesn’t shoot beyond implied.  When asked what a model is she says “someone who poses and looks pretty” so that is a pretty wide open field, only the unimaginative person immediately interprets that as nudity or raciness.

“Do you ever shoot men?”

I have for paid fashion work (male models) and I have in a more documentary sense (regular people doing interesting things).

I’ve been asking:

“What kind of art do you like?  Is there a common theme in your art tastes?”

Some responses:

“I like art that contains human subjects the most. which is pretty broad but goes across a bunch of genres for me.”

“I tend towards abstraction, whether geometric or otherwise.”

“Almost everything.”

“I enjoy both pensiveness and spontaneity, and a strongly felt connection to human experience. This describes my tastes in photography, art, fashion, cinema, literature, music and philosophy.”

“I am attracted to figurative work, especially narrative. I love being led into a story with a single image, sequential as well.”

Some interesting answers.  I ask this question of all the students, adults and kids, and it’s a bit of a gauge of their interests; some focus on subject matter, some formal elements like the “narrative” response, some prefer a particular media like charcoal, while others go for a tonal thing like “things that are funny.”

What kind of art do you like?  Any particular theme in your tastes?

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