Sugar + Doggie Mixed Media

Sugar amanda jones Doggie

On the weekend of May 9 I’ll be in Artist Alley of Spectrum Fantastic Art Live in Kansas City, kind of like the art side of a Comicon without the foofarah of cosplay, celebrities, etc.  I decided straight photography wasn’t enough to showcase, and I really wanted to delve into my inner Dave McKean and use paints, charcoals, xeroxes etc. much more in my images.  I was able to shoot a little bit of new material last week, but there’s a lot of plundering of old work- this image of model Sugar is over 2 years old.   The process is xerox transfer on Ampersand Clayboard, colored pencil on model and dog, watercolor resist painted on, and watercolor paint bleeding from the top.

What’s fun about these pieces is I’m able do knock out two or three a day, and they all have a unique character to them- one I did this morning has charcoal painting in the shadow areas of the xerox transfer, for example.  The limits so far have been how much clayboard I can afford and how long the line is at the Kinko’s copy machine…


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I'm a multimedia artist in Phoenix, AZ. Main Site - Instagram @primordialcreative + twitter @dbmillerphoto

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